Monday, August 19, 2013

Wire Sculpted Custom Bridal Necklace - Behind the Scenes

     My favorite cousin Yuli is getting married next week, and I was honored to create custom bridal jewelry for her. This was a very fun experience for me and I thought I'd share my creative process with you all.
     After learning I would create custom jewelry designs for her, Yuli sent me her vision for the bridal necklace that included her hand drawn sketch (#4).
I began the necklace by hand forming the asymmetric  foliage.
 After the initial shape was formed, I opened each loop and hammered the tip of each "leaf" on the steel block one by one to give it more volume and also add interest.
After this I bent the wire back to the original shape, and then carefully adjusted each leaf to make the curves look more natural.
Then it's time to assemble the parts and add the focal pendant drop. Yuli opted for a clear crystal.
I added two peridot gemstones next to the clasp to symbolize her and the groom's birth months (they were both born in Auguest)

Here's a shot on the mannequin --
She loved the necklace, but after trying it on, one side of the foliage kept flipping upside down, so I wrapped the joint between the two part metal pieces to make them one piece. It's very subtle and not visible from the distance, but here's the close-up --
  She test drove the necklace again and this time it was a success!
 Here are two more pieces I made for her. The necklace for the maid of honor echos the bride's --
 And a bridal bracelet with the bride and groom's initials and birthstones --
I will be flying to Portland to attend her wedding next Sunday, when I will see her wear the necklace in person. Hopefully I'll bring home more photos!

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