Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Perfect Birthday Weekend

It was my birthday on Thursday. Originally Mike and I planned to go to Charlotte with our friends April and Josh for the weekend, but April got sick and the trip was cancelled. Despite that, my birthday this year was still filled with surprises. For starters Mike couldn't resist giving me my birthday present last week...
gift from mike
What are these? You ask. Well, they are a big 12" nonstick pan and an ultra sharp knife! Mike and me cook at home most of our meals at home and our old nonstick pan was worn out (and our old knifes were not sharp). Last year Mike got me an 8" nonstick pan for my birthday; I loved it but wished it was bigger, so this year he got me a real big one, which was as awesome as it looked. I was so thrilled that I made French crepes for three days straight using this recipe. I've always loved crepes but never had the right pan to make them, so they were the first thing I thought of making when I got this pan. I made a batch of the crepe mix, and for the next three days I made myself fresh crepes for breakfast and evening snack. Yum!
The knife is so sharp that it actually scares me a little, since I can be a little clumsy sometimes, but Mike has been using it to make dinners for me, so that's even better!
Originally Mike was working on my birthday (after all it was a Thursday!) but he ended up taking the day off because he didn't sleep well the night before. I was very happy to find him home when I got up in the morning. We went out for lunch and drove 20 miles to pick up my dream gourmet chocolate cake. In the evening, we went out for sushi with our friends Siong and Angela. After dinner a bunch of waiters came to our table bringing this little cake while drumming and singing me Happy Birthday (I did have to do a chicken dance before allowed to blow the candle...).
cake from Wasabi Japanese restaurant
Then we all came home and had the official birthday cake. Angela took some photos for me before she noticed my outfit matched my cake -- Look! Even the ruffle matched the chocolate shavings on the cake! I love chocolate cakes and this one definitely met my expectation in every way.
But the biggest surprise this weekend must be this package from my friend Jeremi. It came all the way from Taiwan --
She knew I was a stationery fanatic and especially loved novelty stickers, sticky pads and sticky tabs, so these are what she got me --
 surprise gift package from Taiwan
I was so excited I bounced around the house for 10 min screaming OMG before taking a closer look at the content. That was when I thought I had died and gone to sticky tabs heaven. I continued to scream "OMG So many sticky tabs!!"
surprise gift package from Taiwan 
I love all of them, but these are my favorite...
 surprise gift package from Taiwan
Wait -- there are more sticky tabs!!surprise gift package from Taiwan
These have sticky tabs on one side, and sticky pads on the other. surprise gift package from Taiwan
"OMG there's more sticky tabs!Kitties and lambs!"surprise gift package from Taiwan
"OMG there's more!"
surprise gift package from Taiwan
These are in the bookelet style and have sticky tabs and pads in different sizes... surprise gift package from Taiwan
"Washi taaaaaaaaaaaaaapes!!!!!!! Cuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!"
 surprise gift package from Taiwan
 She bought so much they gave her a free apple notepad.
surprise gift package from Taiwan
Each page looks like a piece of sliced apple with a seed on it --
  surprise gift package from Taiwan 
I think Chopin would be pleased to know I love him enough to spare a few of my favorite sticky tabs on his score --
surprise gift package from Taiwan
Alright alright, I know you think I'm crazy to love stationery so much, but I think it's even crazier for my friend to spend so much money on these novelty items for me. I guess that's what true friends do -- they buy you meaningless stuff that you're too cheap to buy for yourself.

If you have not overdosed on sticky tabs yet, here's a picture of my lunch --
Awesome bison burger from Perfectly Frnks
It's an awesome bison burger from a popular local hot dog place called Perfectly Franks. Big, greasy, pure indulgence. 
@perfectly franks
And tomorrow we're going out again for a movie! Perfect!

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