Sunday, October 21, 2012

Guide on Buying Custom Mother's Birthstone Jewelry

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The holidays are fast approaching,  so I thought I would do a post to help you select the perfect birthstone jewelry design for yourself or your loved ones.

The Process
My custom birthstone jewelry designs are created with genuine gemstones and precious metal (sterling silver or 14k gold filled). These pieces are handcrafted from scratch using wires of different thickness, and no glue is used. Except for Family Nest necklaces, all of my birthstone necklace designs have a hand formed wire frame, on to which genuine gemstone beads are wrapped using thin wire.

Selection of Gemstones
Instead of man made crystal or lab created gemstones, my birthstone jewelry designs are made with genuine natural gemstones. Most of these gemstones are hand cut and purchased directly from my suppliers in India and Hong Kong. Being "natural" means they may have slightly different cut and size, and the shade may also vary depending on the current inventory. I spend significant amount of capital on the gemstones every year to ensure I use the highest quality gemstones that work for my designs and match in cut and size as much as possible. Matching different birthstones for my birthstone jewelry is a time consuming process, but it gives me immense joy to know this is a gift the wearer will cherish.

Option of Substituting Natural Gemstones With Swarovski Crystal
Most of my birthstone jewelry photos are taken under natural daylight and only edited very minimally. While 99% of my customers are happy with the quality of the gemstones, a small percent of customers feel the stones are "dull". Direct sunlight and artificial spotlight will give the stones the sparkle you see in my pictures. If it's not enough for you, remember natural gemstones are usually not as sparkly as man made stones. If it is more important for you to have the sparkle, I also offer Swarovski crystal as a substitute.

Possibility of Adding New Stones in the Future
Many customers have asked whether new stones can be added in the future, and the answer depends on your choice of design. Circle of Love and Open Heart are the recommended designs to order if your (or the gift recipient's) family is still expanding (although you need to keep in mind the maximum capacity of the pendant frame). Family Nest , Family Line and We Are Family cannot be altered in the future to add new stones.

How Many Birthstones Do You Need ?
For families with a single child, I recommend adding parents' birthstones to your choice of design. For families with multiple children, whether to add parents' birthstones is usually optional and based on personal preferences. If you are uncertain, always go with your intuition. Most of my designs look the best with 3~7 stones, while certain designs, such as Family Line necklace and the charm bracelet, look the best with 6 or more stones.

How Should The Stones Be Arranged?
You will need to specify the preferred stone arrangement in the message box. If not specified, I will arrange the stones based on the order they are listed in the message box. Some people prefer arranging the stones based on the order of birth, while some people prefer arranging them aesthetically (please specify if you would like me to arrange them for you). Some people also prefer having the parents birthstones on the ends, surrounding the children's.

Gifts for Mothers, Sisters, Best Friends
Even though my birthstone jewelry is originally designed as jewelry for mothers and grandmothers, they also make great gifts for many other occasions. Purchasing multiples of the same design for your sisters or best friends.

Well, I guess that is it for now. Questions? Post in the comment box below. Or if you are are ready to become my next happy customer, you can order them here. 

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