Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Website!

After months of preparation and hard work, I was finally able to launch my new website this week! The original plan was to launch in April, but I got swamped by Mother's Day orders much sooner than I expected, so I had to postpone the launch. The new site has a wider layout and bigger images and is loaded with features. My main goal is to provide you with a pleasant shopping experience with easy navigation and more customization options.  The image above shows what the home page looks like. A click anywhere on the large main image will take you right to the shop area. Below the main image are featured items.

Once you enter the shop, select the category on the left, or click any image to go to the category --

The drop down menu is now on the right of product images. It shows the current production time, and some customization options also have a little question mark bubble next to it which provide some simple suggestions and reference on how to customize your jewelry -- 

Other than the regular descriptions, many items also have a tiny "Spec" tab that shows the most important details of the design (such as measurement and the type of stones used). Below the description is a list of recommended designs, and below that shows your browsing history, which can be turned on or off with one click. --

While there are still a few details that I'm hoping to fix as soon as possible, the majority of the site is now complete and ready to go. I'm super duper excited and hope you are too!

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