Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Steinway Moving In

A few days ago I posted on facebook about my weekend plans, which included posting new designs. It ended up that I had too many other things on my mind and only listed some 14k solid rose gold hoop earrings on Etsy. I didn't expect myself to get all carried away by my new piano, which was moved in on Monday morning. I spent all Saturday and Sunday working on my new website for my music business, and on Monday morning I practiced on my old upright for the last time before it was officially traded in and taken away by the piano movers.

I took one last picture of my old Yamaha U1.

This was the first time I saw how grand pianos are moved into a home. The piano movers had to take the legs off because the piano was too wide to go through the front door.They put two legs and the pedals back while the piano was still lying sideways on the dolly, and then turned the whole piano 90 degree so it would stand upright on the floor.A thick moving blanket was folded and placed under the piano so it would serve as the temporary "third leg" until the piano movers put the real third leg back on the piano.

After going through the tough moving process, my beloved antique Steinway went seriously out of tune, but I still practiced on it with excitement for a few hours, and also took some pictures for the music website. I have never taken photos of myself using a tripod and timer before, so this is a new experience. I'm sure it can be done a better way , and I really probably should hire a professional photographer to do this, but for now let's just put some "home made" photos up so I get get the new site up and going.

I picked out a few photos and just cropped them and turning them into black and white to make them look more professional and also match the template of my site.Here were a few ones I was deciding on...

In reality I identify myself more with this look -

or this -

and when I  perform in concerts I usually tie my hair up like this(although I still always wear glasses when I am on stage) -

but I ended up using this one, so that basically you can't see what I really look like - 

Here is a screenshot of the website in progress. It's a very simple profile website using wordpress as the platform. I'd like to give special thanks to coding genius Laura at prix-prix for helping me fix a few details on the design -

This is again another new experience for me. I have never used wordpress before, so there was a bit of learning curve for me, but once I got a hang of it, and once everything was set up, it was very easy to manage.

I will upload some of my home recordings on the new site in a few months, when the piano is tuned and when I figure out how to set up my home recording studio. Oh, and of course I need to figure out how to upload the music and make it downloadable for everyone. :)


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Evie's Tool Emporium said...

Enjoy your new piano! Gorgeous!

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