Sunday, November 21, 2010

New Studio

My  shops are getting really busy in the past few days. I knew the first thing I needed to do to get ready for the holiday season was to finish unpacking and get my studio set up  properly so I wouldn't be looking for supplies in the middle of chaos. While I would love to have a fancy expensive professional built-in studio, my budget simply wouldn't allow it (especially when I just bought a house!), so I had to get creative.

This is my third studio after I became a full time jewelry artist (if you have been following my blog closely, you may remember I moved three times since 2008) , so I finally started to understand better the kind of set up I needed to make things more efficient. Thankfully this is also the largest studio I have ever had (around 13'x15', plus I'm also storing some extra supplies in an extra closet outside the studio). You can see my past studios here, here and here.(I probably could win an award of "the most messy studio". It seems like I was always working in a big mess. But thank god it seemed to be getting better with evevery move)

Here are some "before" photos of my new studio.I'm still trying to figure out the layout of the tables and shelves.Specifically, how to increase my work surface and get everything off the floor. -

And here are some "after" photos with the "cubicle" setting -

So far I feel pretty good with this layout. I'll probably add one more shelf in a few months when I'm not crazy busy with orders.

If you are planning to order my popular custom birthstone or pea pod jewelry,  for X'mas, now is the time! Last year, at least 10% of my customers who ordered late had to pay extra for shipping upgrade to ensure delivery by X'mas because of the high demand. Save money by ordering today!

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Anonymous said...

Wow...that's so exciting! You don't have to have a big budget to get it an artist, you can make stuff to jazz it up as you go:)

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