Thursday, November 4, 2010

My New Home!

Today is an important day because I have officially become a home owner today! Mike took the afternoon off from work to go to the closing attorney with me. After signing pages of paper for over 40 minutes, we finally received the keys to our brand new house.

Our official moving day is next Saturday. I have been packing slowly whenever I get a chance -- and this is when I'm glad a lot of my stuff is still unpacked from my last move a year ago. But my studio will always be the most difficult and annoying to pack. Since my website and Etsy shop will stay open throughout the move, I also need to quickly unpack the whole studio straight after the move so I can go right back to filling orders on Monday. I'm very excited and also nervous, but it's all good -- I look forward to starting a new life at this new home!


Siany said...

congratulation for your new home! It's always nice to start up things new with a brand new things :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, good luck with the move! Congrats on the house and hopefully you can get everything packed and unpacked as you wish!

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