Saturday, November 6, 2010

More Photos of the New House

A few facebook friends asked to see more pictures of the house, so I'm posting some here..We put most of the blinds up in the house today and the new fridge was also delivered.

Work in progress...We also tried out our gas fire place for the first time.I love staring at the fire.

While Mike was working on the blinds, I went upstairs to check out the views. I didn't know there was actually a lake in front of our house.Sooner or later there will probably be some new houses built across the street, but before that I can enjoy some lake views.

Close-up of the lake across the street from our house..

There is another lake right behind our house, and we get a clear view of it from the master bedroom. The great thing about it is there will not be new houses built between ours and the lake. Can you see our neighbor's house in the picture? Their house is closing in two months.

Close-up of the lake behind our house..

Okok, i know i'm obssessed with the lakes. I'll post some pics of the my new jewelry studio AND piano studio after we settle in. :)

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