Sunday, August 22, 2010

Joint Account

This beautiful story about how a joint account saved a marriage was originally written in Chinese by an anonymous writer. I have translated it into English and also converted the currency for American readers. Enjoy and feel free to re-post it!

On my wedding day, Mother handed me a check book for a new bank account. Expecting to receive more money for my wedding, I looked at Mother with disappointment when I saw the balance of mere 30 dollars. Mother smiled and said, "This is a special joint account I opened for you two.
"From now on, make a deposit in this account whenever you have a special event in your marriage that makes you happy.
"When you grow old, you will not only have abundant money in the account, but also abundant happiness."
At that time, I paid little attention to what Mother said. My husband was the one who kept these words in his mind. He soon made two deposits of 15 dollars, the first one for being promoted at his job, and the second for my being discharged from the hospital after a surgery. Even though I joked about him being silly, deep down it melt my heart to know my being healthy made him happy. 
Not long afterward, I became pregnant and deposited 70 dollars in the joint account. Soon after that, all the fights and disagreements started. The joy of having a newborn didn't last long; endless feeding and diaper changing further worsened our relationship. The check book of the joint account was forgotten and left inside the corner of a lonely drawer, collecting dust.
When we decided to get a divorce, Mother said, "Why don't you go ahead and spend all the money in the joint account before you start the divorce process. It may not be a large sum, but after all it is your shared property."
For the first time, I withdrew 30 dollars from the joint account and went shopping. Just as I was leaving the mall with some new clothes I had wanted for a long time, I suddenly turned around and said to the cashier, "I am sorry, but I have changed my mind and decided not  to keep these. I would like a refund please."
It was an embarrassing moment, but at that time the only thing I could think about was where the 30 dollars came from --
Despite his shyness, he once shouted out "I love you" in the middle of the street. For this I deposited 5 dollars in the joint account...
He remembers my birthday, my shoe size, my pin numbers, and things I am most afraid of. For this I deposited 10 dollars on my birthday...
He is a gentleman and keeps a distance from women who have a crush on him. For this I  deposited 15 dollars…
Ah! There is so much happiness in the mere 30 dollars. Tears came to my eyes when I look at the balance of over 700 dollars in joint account.
When I went home that evening, I gave him the check book and said, "Go ahead and spend it all, so we can get the divorce started."
The next evening, he handed me the check book. I opened it and saw an extra 30 dollars on the balance. He said, "Every dollar in this joint account recorded the journey we shared. It made me realize how much I love you, so I deposited another 30 dollars in the joint account."
We reconciled after that.
Mother was right -- open a joint account for love, and deposit every sweet moment of your marriage in it! With a joint account that collects happiness, even the poorest marriage can be abundant.
Many people may fall in love with you in your life, but you may not fall in love with anyone of them. Seize the chance when you find your true love, because opportunity knocks but once.


reanaclaire said...

HI Mu Yin, that is a very nice story, if it is one, i feel if we were to do that, our books will be filled with money and not only that, joy will overcome all sadness.. sometimes we tend to take one another for granted, we look for weakness in the other and overlook their goodness.. sigh..
this post is an eye opener..

coming by,

Bonhomie Jewelry said...

how beautiful! thank you for this post - such a beautiful reminder :-)

FitGeGe said...

Aw, I love this! No wonder your jewelry is beautiful - you have a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing this story.

-A very happy customer

mu-yin jewelry said...

I'm glad you ladies enjoy the story!
mollie xo

Meekiyu said...

aww that was such a touching story... maybe everyone should get a joint account like that =D

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