Monday, May 17, 2010

Old Designs, New Selections -- and a special sale!

I am psyched! It took me quite a while, but I finally made a complete pearl color chart for my new shop. This is the first step to my long term goal of making more pearl designs customizable. If you have learned about my jewelry from my Etsy shop and loved it, I believe you will love my new shop even more.Here are just a few reasons I can think of...

1. easier navigation

I am able to organize my categories and designs more efficiently, and therefore you should be able to find a design more easily. Some designs are now listed under multiple categories so you won't be digging through the whole site to find the design you have in mind.

2. full customization

Most of the designs in my new shop are customizable using the drop down menu in the listings, so you no longer need to contact me each time you need to change the listed design slightly to your choice of metal or color (even though you can still contact me if you feel a little uncertain!)

3. multiple shipping options at checkout

Need something in a hurry?You can now select priority mail or express mail at checkout! with your credit cards

Love my jewelry but hate paypal? No problem! My new shop now takes credit cards! Unfortunately, it is still not set up to take American Express, but I can take Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

5. special sales!

In my Etsy shop it was very inconvenient to run sales, and therefore I tried to avoid it. But that is not the case for my new shop! To take advantage of my sales, make sure you sign up for my newsletter , or follow my twitter and facebook updates closely.

Did I say "sales"?I have one running now through 5/23. Enjoy 10% off on the following fully customizable pearl jewelry. Chooss from 22 pearl colors, as well as your desired metal, ring size, chain length.Be sure to share this great news with your friends and family as well!


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