Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Magnolia Plantation and Garden

nikon D90 60mm macro flower

Last week, I took a short afternoon break to the beautiful Magnolia Plantation near our house (only 3 miles away and I had never been there! Wow!) , partly to force myself stop working for a few hours, and partly because it suddenly occurred to me that i had moved to Charleston for almost two years but knew so little about the beauty of the lowcountry.

I took my 60mm macro lens with me and got some nice shots.If you have been following my blog, you probably still remember my first macro shots a month ago.The majority of the time I use this lens to take photos of my jewelry, and this was the first time I had some chance to take photos of flowers.I was amazed by the vivid colors and sharpness of the images.

Most of these photos are only gently edited, and by "editing" I mean increasing the contrast very slightly in Picassa3. Photographing flowers outdoors was much harder than I expected. Even though I had read in photography books before, I didn't expect every gentle breeze to blur my images so much.

Fortunately, after a couple dozen shots, I did get a few good ones.

nikon 60mm macro flower shot

nikon 60mm macro flower

Here are some images taken with my 18~105mm Nikkor zoom lens.They should give you a quick peek of this gorgeous plantation. I love, love, love it and wish I could live inside the plantation. Either I have not traveled enough, or I just love flowers too much, or this plantation is just too gorgeous, I must say it is the most beautiful garden i have seen and I can see myself visit it again and again.

If you would like to see the other pictures I took at Magnolia Plantation, check out this flickr set.

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mollie xo

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I would have to give you an A+ and say that I know what you mean about visiting spectacular places that you live right around the corner from.....I do that too....CHS is the BEST!

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