Monday, March 15, 2010

Nikkor 60mm Macro test

After much consideration, I decided to order the Nikkor 60mm macro lens for my D90 last week. It arrived today and I couldn't wait to test it out.This is my second lens and also my first prime lens.It also feels very different from standard prime lenses I tried before because of of its macro function, so I wasn't very used to it yet.I spent the whole afternoon practicing, and here are a few better shots I took.A few in the yard...

nikon nikkor 60mm macro

dingle berry

And here's some jewelry ..

nikon nikkor 60mm macro

I still feel very much restricted by my knowledge on DSLR and photo editing, so I am also starting to read more books on photography and photoshop.It's a lot of work --in fact, more work then I expected, and therefore I haven't been able to start listing more new designs as I have hoped. But I will start listing again next week -- with photos taken with my new lens!

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