Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Mother's Birthstone Necklaces -- Ichthys and From the Bottom of My Heart (large)

ichthys ichthus christian jesus fish mother's birthstone necklace

Just listed some new Mother's birthstone necklaces for Mother's Day!

This Ichthys necklace was an idea inspired by my little brother's wedding.Both him and my sister-in-law are devout Christians, so I thought it would be a good idea to combine the Christian fish symbol with family birthstones.This particular Ichthys necklace shown in the picture is made for my sister-in-law, but the fish frame will fit up to 6 birthstones, and I can also easily create a larger frame if more birthstones are needed.

The picture below shows a 16" Ichthys necklace(the length includes the fish), but I can do up to 19" at no extra charge.

Then, thanks to two customers who requested a larger "From the Bottom of My Heart" necklace, I finally got these listed -- in sterling silver as well as 14K gold filled.They will fit up to 7 birthstones.They measure about 1" wide.

heart mother's birthstone necklace genuine gemstones family birthstone for mothers

heart mother's family birthstone necklace genuine gemstones

Here's a size reference for the small and large "From the Bottom of My Heart" necklaces on 16 and 18" chains.

Be sure to put your order in as early as possible to avoid the Mother's Day sales rush.As it gets closer to Mother's Day, the lead time will also become longer.

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