Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Homemade Sushi Rolls in 30 Min

homemade sushi roll

Mike and I both love sushi.Since it's expensive to eat sushi at a Japenese restaurant, I started making some easy homemade sushi recently -- no raw fish, just some basic ingredients easily available at grocery stores.

To make shshi for two ...

1.cook and then cool the rice

first you need to cook 1 cup of short grain rice.After the rice is cooked, simmer for 10~15 min, then open the lid and stir the rice gently with a wooden spoon to fluff the rice so the air gets to the bottom of the pan, and the rice will taste better :)

Then, cool the rice...

2. Prepare for the "stuffings"

you can pretty much put whatever you like in it, but here are what I used...

1/3 seedless cucumber - cut into strips

imitation crab meat(same amount as avocado)

1 avocado -cut into strips

optional - fish eggs(not pictured)

optional - green onion-chopped

optional - spicy mayo -- I made this by mixing some chilly sauce with light mayo in a zip loc bag.Cut off a tiny corner and you can squeeze the mayo out easily.

3. Let's start rolling! You need a bamboo sushi roller and some seaweed sheets.

I put a cheet of cling wrap between the roller and seaweed for hygienic purposes,and it's also easier to clean the sushi roller later, if some stuffing drops onto the roller.

The first roll is spicy california roll. Spread a thin layer of rice onto the seaweed as evenly as possible.Then, line up avocado and imitation crab meat on it.Then, roll it up slowly, applying gentle and firm pressure using the roller as you do this.

Another roll is cucumber roll.Instead of Imitation crabmeat and avocado, simply use cucumber as your stuffing.

Done! Now you can use a serrated knife(one like a bread knife) to cut the rolls.It's easier to start your first cut from the center.Cut slowly and try not to squash the rolls with your fingers!Depending on the thickness of the cut, you can usually divide each roll into 6~8 pieces.

After the rolls are cut, garnish the california rolls(the ones in the back) with fish eggs and a dab of spicy mayo.The cucumbers rolls are fine just the way they are!

Top the california rolls with green onion (my favorite!), and enjoy!

p.s. use soy sauce (and wasabi) for dipping if preferred!

(Mike -- "are you taking more pictures still?When can we eat?")

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ching said...

uuu.. this definitely looks yummy!

Hi MuYin, it has been sometime since the last we corresponded... I'm so excited to see your Etsy shop's sales rocketing!! Congratulations!

Sorry for not contacting for long, my frame shop here had been taking up most of my time, and I had left my Etsy shop behind for couple of months.

Well, I am back online now .. see you around!


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