Saturday, January 16, 2010

my first sewing projects

If you have been following my blog, you may stll remember my other handmade adventures. I am a craft junkie and have tried many, many, many other crafts -- soap and candle making, stamping, scrapbooking,glass bead making,metal smithing,polymer clay,to name a few.Usually I would get very addicted to one hobby for a while, spend tons of money on supplies, and then all of a sudden move on to the next hobby. In the winter of 2008, I tried to learn to crochet. After a few long nights and three crochet bunnies, I put all my yarns away and haven't touched them since.

I had been wanting a sewing machine for a while,but when I was living in an apartment, there wasn't any spare corner for it, so now that we finally moved to a house, Mike finally got me a Brother XL2600-i for X'mas. In the past three weeks I have been in and out of the fabric stores to buy sewing supplies and bookstore to check out sewing books.The fabric store was having an after X'mas sale so I got some canvas and linen-like fabrics at a great price.

My very first project was a cotton body pillow case.It's very boring so I'm not going to show it here.After that, I got more comfortable with my machine,so I made a cute pillow for my niece who was just born a few months ago.

Then I made some card cases,a journal cover and clutch.I really like this "vine" stitch on my Brother, so I used it to add some interest to my card case --

Then comes the heat pads...

After making these projects, I decided(just like what I found out with my other hobbies) sewing was too time consuming and expensive and it's easier to buy what other people sew than do it yourself.So I bought some pouches from J Pat Purses. :) When I told Jenese(JPat) I was learning to sew, she generously spared me some of her super pretty scraps, so I used them to make these coasters--

I love them! Thanks Jenese!

I still have something else to show you, but we'll save it for next time. :)


Kia said...

Those coasters look great! I love the purple flowers =0)

Sewing Supplies said...
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