Monday, January 18, 2010

more sewing projects!

Another update on my new sewing projects!

After a few card cases, clutch, heat pads and coasters, I decided to try something a little more challenging.I have been wanting to make some file organizers to hang on the wall, and since "they don't look very hard to make",I decided that would be my next project.There was no pattern for me to follow because I already knew exactly what I wanted it to look like.

It turned out to be a little harder than I expected.I spent two nights making this thingy....

Hmm...overall I'm pretty happy with it.The stitches on the canvas are not quite straight, but I think they look pretty good on the two front cotton pockets.I'm not quite sure why I don't sew very well on canvas.Maybe because the fabric is thicker?Or maybe I was a little sleepy when I made it.

Overall the bias binding tape looks good too.I'm still not very good at doing the corners, but I'm getting a little better.

After I finished this file organizer, the book I ordered from Amazon came, so I was ready to move on to the fun stuff -- baby booties! My mom told me on the phone that my 6-month-old niece's hair is not growing evenly.Traditionally (Taiwanese tradition) when this happens, people believe if the babies are gifted booties from their aunt, their hair will start to grow evenly, and their teeth will also start to grow sooner (If you read Chinese,you can check out this link about "姑姑送鞋").So, I have a mission to accomplish.I already read through the pattern many times and the booties didn't look hard to make, so I thought maybe I could whip up a few pairs before I fly home next week...





I didn't expect to spend 5 hours (!!!!!!!) on these tiny booties --

Alright alright, maybe I exaggerated, but I swear it took me AT LEAST 4 hours to make them.This is probably because I also made some mistake because I was confused about the pattern (I get confused very easily and when I get confused I would think really, really hard to understand why I'm confused..). But I never expected certain steps to be so difficult! For example, machine stitching around the top of the booties means super small and tight corners.I was very nervous about stitching the top shut so I moved very very slowly. I HIGHLY recommend this book "Making Children's Clothes" for sewing beginners who are learning to sew for babies and small children.It includes 25 full size patterns and the instructions are overall pretty easy to follow.

I'm pretty proud of how they turned out.Mike decided that my next project should be a fleece jacket for him.That doesn't sound too hard -- probably just another 10 hours...


suyu said...

so cute! thanks!

mu-yin jewelry said...

I'm glad the mom likes them :D

Anonymous said...

You know what? the first time I make anything...I usually take ten times as long as the next time...maybe it's just me...smiles.

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