Thursday, January 7, 2010

a good start..

I still cannot believe another year has passed and that I have been a self employed full time jewelry artist for 1.5 years. After a very successful holiday season, sales have slowed down enough for me to take a breath, so I will (finally!) be listing a few new designs in the next two weeks.

But, before that, I have to tidy my studio first so I'll have room to work and..uh..walk around.What you will be seeing next is a top secret so please do not share it with anyone else ;)

This is my "cubicle".And you're wrong, this is not the "before", but the "after photo.

I know, it still looks like there's tons of stuff everywhere but at least most of the trash is off the floor now.This may look funny to you, but I actually sit on that computer chair when I make jewelry.I would constantly turn the chair to check emails and orders, and when something is ready I print out shipping labels(my little dymo label printer is right next to the computer), and put it in the bubble mailers, which are right behind the computer chair.Everything is within reachabledistance--yes, I'm that efficient(or you can also say lazy).The pile of paper at the very front of the photo is actually my other lazerjet printer(well, under the paper)

Did you see that world map on the wall?I use it to mark the countries I have sold my jewelry to.

You just saw the right side of the room, and here is the left side -- crafting books,jewelry supplies,packaging supplies(above the tall book shelf)

Believe it or not, I didn't realize I actually have a business until after I sort of organized my studio today.I am still trying to make this tiny office more organized to facilitate my work,so I may be putting some more tables in the office.

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Hexotica said...

Thanks for sharing and congratulations! You are an inspiration!
I love the idea of marking the countries you've sold to on a map. I think I might make a map like that in my studio now.

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