Tuesday, November 3, 2009

settling in

After a crazy weekend, we finally finished moving. I was too weak to pick up most furniture, so Mike had to get a friend here to help us with the move.Most of the big boxes and furniture went with the U-Haul truck, while I moved my studio supplies in my car. We finished moving and cleaning the old apartment on Saturday night, unpacked some so we could cook and take a shower, and I started working on Monday, surrounded by the mess you see in the picture above.

I ordered two big shelves online, but they are not here yet so I can't put my supplies up yet. Right now everything is sitting on the long folding table which is supposed to be my work surface.

So far I quite like this new place.I just wish the lighting could be better.My studio is really dark(and it's already the brightest room of the house) and I have to work under an artificial light throughout the day. The following picture gives you an idea how dark it is during the day.

The house is also very cold. It's completely under the shadow of the trees in our yard, which makes it cooler in the summer(which just passed) , and also colder in winter(which is around the corner!).There are two heating/cooling units in the house, which doesn't heat up every corner in the house, so we may have to get a small space heater soon.

I will post again when the shelves come in and the studio is organized!(or--uh.."semi-organized")


Meekiyu said...

well at least it is spacious =D

Meghann LittleStudio said...

Good luck with the rest of the unpacking :)

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