Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Arrival-- Custom Family Birthstone Safety Pin Brooch

A few new design have been been delayed because of moving,but I was able to list this cutie a few days ago.This particular custom birthstone safety pin brooch is only 3/4" long.The birthstones are securely wire wrapped onto the pin.It's a great gift for moms who don't wear "regular" jewelry but would like to keep birthstones of their children close to their heart.

The whole safety pin brooch is made from scratch and I have sharpened the pin end. It's much sharper than the commercial safety pin and will not leave holes on your clothes.

Depending on the number of stones required, I can make this safety pin as large as needed.


Ellen said...

Beautiful...simple and yet meaningful...smiles.

Anonymous said...


mu-yin jewelry said...

thank you :D
this "model pin" was actually made for my mother, who never wears any jewelry, because of allergy.(the only thing she can wear is platinum..)I guess if she just pins it to her jacket that won't bother her skin :)

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