Saturday, November 28, 2009

my first yard work

Alright, you are going to think I am totally silly here, but I grew up in a city on a small island (Taiwan), where very few people have yards, and where nobody rakes the yard(If my understanding is correct, we believe decomposed leaves are good fertilizer so people leave them in the yard).So, when I moved into this house a month ago,I was excited to receive my first rake as a "moving present" from Mike's dad.

I raked on the day we moved in and had great fun (I really like the crunchy sound of leaves for some reason).But since we didn't have any clear plastic bags, I left piles of leaves in the yard for weeks.And this is what happened after four weeks, when you have two big trees in front of the house.

Well, today we FINALLY got some clear yard bags, so I decided to finish my incomplete job last time by raking AND bagging the leaves. Before we start, we need to do something to celebrate my beautiful brown yard...

can you tell what that is? Yup. A leaf angel :D Sad it doesn't snow in South Carolina so this is the only thing we could make.

It took me( -- plus a little help from Mike, but mainly I did the job :D) an hour to rake the yard.There were simply toooooooo many leaves.....

Check out the "After" photo of the yard -- so naked.and there's hardly any grass on it.Sad.

Let's count....there are 9 bags of leaves. NINE!!! (oh, and you didn't see the leaves under the bags.No, you didn't see them.That's not th main part of our yard so you didn't see them)

Good job, Mollie :)


Anonymous said...

Good job! you are hired...I live only a few miles north...lots of leaves to rake...big smiles.

mu-yin jewelry said...

yay!more leaves for me! I'll give you a call when I go up to Charlotte next time ;)

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