Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mu-Yin Jewelry and Modern Mouse!

modern mouse grand opening

Mu-Yin Jewelry is now available in California! If you are near Alamada, CA, be sure to stop by Modern Mouse to see a selection of my works.The pictures shown here are from their grand opening yesterday--thanks to Marianne of Mae Bee Jewelry who took the photos at the event!

Looks like they had a nice crowd at the grand opening.

This jewelry display includes a few designers works, including mine.

The store opened on 11/9 and I have already made a few sales, so I will be sending Eleen(owner of Modern Mouse) more next week!


Ellen said...

looks like it was a grand success...smiles.

eleen said...

Thanks for this great post about our fun new partnership, Mollie! Your stuff shines at Modern Mouse. :] We sold another Peas in a Pod necklace today! To many more sales ahead. I hope you have time to send me more stuff! :D xox, -eleen

mu-yin jewelry said...

Aww...Eleen you're amazing! :D My pea pods are just flying out of your door--I have to squeeze some time to make more!

Delia Adriana said...

this is fab!!!! Oh, you're totally taking over the US by storm with your work :o) xoxo

Patricia Wood said...

Wow! Congratulations:) Looks fantastic. Wishing you to be very very very successful over there too, you're work is gorgeous!

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