Monday, November 30, 2009

more family birthstone necklaces...

mother's grandmother's family birthstone necklaces

I have been working overtime to make sure orders are shipped out on time.Today I shipped out 9 family birthstone necklaces plus a few other orders.It suddenly occured to me that I've never made so many birthstone necklaces within such short time, so I took a snapshot before packing them.

This one is my favorite --

mother's grandmother's family birthstone necklace

As of now, I still have 11 more birthstone necklaces on my work list, waiting to be made and shipped. :)


cozysister said...

This is such a nice take on mother jewelry. I love your family birthstone rings, too. I've always loved the idea behind mother jewelry but have never actually liked the way it tends to look. These are perfect!

Anonymous said...

hi molly glad things are going great dave chen

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