Thursday, November 19, 2009

bye bye to S.A.D.

hello again everyone! I want to thank you all for the nice comments all over my blog :) I haven't responded because I have been busy working and unpacking, but I have read everyone of them (you'll know that because I have to approve the comments) and really appreciate you for stopping by!

Remember when I was having trouble with the lighting in my new studio? That was posted just two days after I moved in.The day after that post, I found myself in a terrible mood everytime I had to walk into my studio.It simply didn't have enough lighting for me to inspect my pearls and gemstones.I had a ottlite that gave me "OK" lighting at the work bench, but the rest of the room was still dark.Everytime I walked into my studio, I felt like I was going into a small work bench sized cell, and that really depressed me. I actually thought about giving up making jewelry altogether just because there wasn't enough lighting, and when I noticed that I actually refused to walk into my studio, I realized this must be the so called SAD(Seasonal Affective Disorder).So I turned to my buddies at Full Time Etsy Crafters Team for recommended lighting solution, and picked up a few bulbs from Home Depot.The picture above gives you an idea of the new lighting of my studio(on the left) compared to the original lighting in another room(on the right).

This is probably not the best setup yet, but since we're renting, and I do have a budget, I have decided to go with a cheaper way -- clamp lights and daylight bulbs.

The picture shows two clamp lights, but I actually have more daylight bulbs on my ceiling light.In total I have two 100w bulbs and two 60 w bulbs...yeah, I know, that's very, very bright.but it makes me feel so good :) It's so bright that if I work in there for too long my eyes would actually hurt, but the important thing is my heart doesn't hurt anymore :) Also, with the studio being so bright day and night, I can now work and even take photos in the evening, so I am all ready to work for the holiday!


Meekiyu said...

lolol... I think light has that effect on people in general... brightens up your day. That is a lot of light.... but as long as ya is happy =)

Elizabethxoxo said...

I know how you feel. If I don't have enough light it makes me sad - especially in my studio where I'm trying to work. I'm glad you fixed your light problem! ^-^

mu-yin jewelry said...

thanks meekiyu and elizabeth!
I think in the near future I will be getting "proper lights" for my studio.As of now,the clamp lights are pointing towards the ceiling instead of the desk in the picture, so the light is more evenly dispersed and softer as well.I still remember the day when I just got the light, I literally sat under it as if I was "sunbathing" lol It's strange little things like lighting can affect one's happiness (and sadness) like this.

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