Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tea Farm Cottage Booth Display Update

tea farm cottage summerville

I stopped by Tea Farm Cottage today to restock my jewelry.The shop has been open for two weeks and is really doing great! Over 70 crafters are selling their crafts in this big house, and there's more coming! Everytime I go in there, I have an impulse to buy something from other sellers -- and I probably will sooner or later.I just have to decide what to buy so I don't over-spend!

The grand opening will be very soon.I will be running a grand opening sale for my booth, so make sure you tune in to my blog/facebook/twitter/newsletter for sales info.

The house is full of crafts from inside out.On the shelves on the porch there are some plants and painted gourds.

Here's my new booth display.The new displayes I ordered last week just came in yesterday, so I brought them with me today.I switched the black ring display trays to white,so almost everything in my booth is white now.

This is a closeup of the lower shelf.I sorted the rings by size and color.If you read my blog post on the shop two weeks ago, you'll notice there're also some more earrings.I'm trying my best to stuff my booth full :)

I also added another hand display and a bracelet tree to the top shelf. I spent quite a bit of time arranging everything, which is really a lot of fun.I'm still feeling a little uncertain about the selection and display of the jewelry,but for now I'll give it a break since I still have many other things to do about my business. So far this has been a wonderful experience for me.

If you are near Summerville (near Charleston) , South Carolina and are interested in seeing some of my jewelry, be sure to stop by at Tea Farm Cottage!

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LizzyT said...

What a great idea, good luck with your booth. I wish we had something like this in the UK.

Lenox Knits said...

I love your display. What a great way to get your stuff out there. I wish there was something like this nearby me. I would love to be a part of such a community of crafters.

Vidhya said...

love all your display jewelry. goodluck with your sales. visit my blog if you get a chance.

mu-yin jewelry said...

thanks everyone! :D

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