Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a moment I have been dreading..

Packing up my extreme messy studio for the move...

I have been putting this off for the past two weeks, but now that I have packed and moved everything else, I cannot avoid packing the studio anymore.We have to be totally moved out by this Saturday.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tea Farm Cottage Grand Opening

I went to Tea Farm Cottage's grand opening today.It was a lot of fun.There were so many people there that it almost looked like a craft show.Some food vendors from Tea Farm Cottage brought samples, and there were also some artists demonstrating their crafts.

The pastor gave the blessing, and then everyone released the balloons, which symbolized sending of our prayers to heaven, and also indicated the start of the Grand Opening..
The best part was that I talked to a few crafters and made friends with them.Some people signed up for my jewelry class today so I will be giving a class in November. :)
Here's a short video clip of the balloon release --

Monday, October 12, 2009

Website Update

I spent the whole weekend working on the shopping cart of my website. I finally figured out how to change the banner and the left side boxes from a darker smoky color to a lighter gray.I really like the original darker background, but since the shopping cart is going to be connected to my home page, I think whe whole site will look more consistent if the shopping cart has a brighter background/banner.

Nothing is final yet.I'm still learning this complicated zen cart at a super slow pace.It has been an amazing learning experience for me and I am really proud of myself for figuring this whole thing out.

Here's the product page.Not sure if you can see a little "test" that I'm doing -- the price of the ring sizer is marked down.

I am really excited that there are so many cool things I can do on this site.I believe it is much more user friendly for my customers.If you move the mouse over an image, it automatically zooms in.I think that's pretty cool.

and here's the product page.There's is a "prev", "listing" and "next" button for easy browsing other products.

Almost all listings will have custom order options for different metal(bright sterling silver,oxidized sterling, 14K gold filled, and sometimes 14k solid gold) and sizing.It's probably going to take me a long time to upload the products,but after everything is done it will be a shop dedicated to fully customized jewelry. :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

New Arrival-- pearl bracelets

Here are some new pearl bracelet to go with my new pearl rings ... :)

pink pearl bracelet

colorful harvest pearl bracelet green red orange brown black

colorful pearl bracelet

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Mike and I have been living in a two bedroom apartment.After much discussion,we decided to rent a house after our lease expires this November.I thought it would take a while to find a place that we would both be happy with, so I started looking a few weeks back on Craigslist.
Even though I had heard a lot about Craigslist(both good and bad), I had never bought anything from it before.I marked a few posts of interest, and emailed two landlords. The next day, I got replies from both of them, both emails are in a similar format, telling me they were pastors relocated to West Africa and would like to least their house to "honest people who will take care of the property".The email also includes an "application form" asking for some basic personal information, and their contact number in West Africa..
If I had only received one email like that, I may have believed it more.But since I received two from supposedly two different "pastors", and one especially had very poor English, I was pretty sure they were scams.
We contacted the third landlord by phone.It was a local phone number, and we were able to see the house on the day of the phone call.The house is in a very convenient old neighborhood, about 3 miles from where we live.It has 4 bedrooms,a one car garage,and a pretty big yard.It's not the perfect perfect house.Everything is very basic--it doesn't have central heating(luckily it doesn't get too cold here), no garbage disposal,no dish washer, and no blinds either!But, the location is good, and the rent was right, so both Mike and I thought this would be a nice starter house for us.We will be moving here at the end of October.
The rent doesn't include lawn service, and apparently no one has taken care of the yard for quite a while.The grass is not growing.
Even though we're renting, we have been shopping for various home essentials such as blinds,flood lights and lawn mowers.I will have a slightly larger jewelry studio, so I've been thinking about getting a proper work bench (I've been making jewelry on a small computer work station for two years!), and maybe another one or two shelves for my jewelry supplies(they've been sitting on my floor for a long time as well!).
Other than the jewelry studio, I will have another piano/guest room.We hardly have guests, so most of the time it will just be my study/piano room.The other spare room will be the gym room.Both Mike and I are very happy with this arrangement.I can't wait to start working from my new studio, but I really really hate packing.I have been squeezing in one packing session for the past two days and hope to continue doing so until the move.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tea Farm Cottage Booth Display Update

tea farm cottage summerville

I stopped by Tea Farm Cottage today to restock my jewelry.The shop has been open for two weeks and is really doing great! Over 70 crafters are selling their crafts in this big house, and there's more coming! Everytime I go in there, I have an impulse to buy something from other sellers -- and I probably will sooner or later.I just have to decide what to buy so I don't over-spend!

The grand opening will be very soon.I will be running a grand opening sale for my booth, so make sure you tune in to my blog/facebook/twitter/newsletter for sales info.

The house is full of crafts from inside out.On the shelves on the porch there are some plants and painted gourds.

Here's my new booth display.The new displayes I ordered last week just came in yesterday, so I brought them with me today.I switched the black ring display trays to white,so almost everything in my booth is white now.

This is a closeup of the lower shelf.I sorted the rings by size and color.If you read my blog post on the shop two weeks ago, you'll notice there're also some more earrings.I'm trying my best to stuff my booth full :)

I also added another hand display and a bracelet tree to the top shelf. I spent quite a bit of time arranging everything, which is really a lot of fun.I'm still feeling a little uncertain about the selection and display of the jewelry,but for now I'll give it a break since I still have many other things to do about my business. So far this has been a wonderful experience for me.

If you are near Summerville (near Charleston) , South Carolina and are interested in seeing some of my jewelry, be sure to stop by at Tea Farm Cottage!

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