Monday, September 7, 2009

Website Shopping Cart Progress

I hope all of you had a great Labor Day Weekend. Mine wasn't so fun, although I can say I have accomplished "something". I started working on the shopping cart for my website.The picuture above shows the main page of my shopping cart.The next picture shows my test product listings.

I know so little about HTML, not to mention CSS. But in the past few days I have edited a lot of html and css codes in the template of my shopping cart. It seriously gave me headache and I'm still not sure if this is what I should be doing.

I have also been thinking about going with BigCartel instead because they're known for their ease of use and gorgeous templates, but the problem is they have a maximum product number of 100, and I really would like to have a larger store than that. And yes, I know I can hire a professional to finish this up for me, since time is money (anyone out there willing to help?), but part of me also feel if I will be the one maintaining the site I better figure this out so I can fix it if something goes wrong.

I still have a lot of questions in my head and I don't know if they will ever be solved. My questions are mostly about whether to have my own shopping cart and which shopping cart to use. But a few things i'm especially excited about having my own shopping cart is I can add custom options to the product.For example, customers can use the drop down menu to give me their choices of ring size, birthstones, and metal. There will also be a coupon code box, plus multiple shipping options.Thess features are really what Etsy should have done a long time ago.

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Jasmin Studio Jewellery said...

Hello - I've stumbled upon your lovely website today, and your frustrations with setting up a shop sound spookily familiar to me - I've also had such a nightmare, but then I decided to go with Bigcartel, and I was really impressed.

You're right, you are limited to a maximum of 100 items, but the good thing is that any of those items can have a range of options as long as it's the same price, so for example you could sell a pearl ring of different colours under just one listing. Each listing allows a max of five photos, so I use this to showcase colour options etc. I'm nowhere near 100 items yet, but I'm sure that using all the options available will help me maximise the listings available to me and the monthly $$ I spend on the subscription.

In case it helps, from one jeweller to another!

Congrats on the move, the new house looks lovely.

All best from London,

Jasmin x

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