Monday, September 14, 2009

My First Official Retail Shop --Tea Farm Cottage

Remember what I told you about my first retail shop?The shop owner Deborah has been working extra hard in the past two weeks and cleaned up the place real nice so she will be opening Tea Farm Cottage this Wednesday.The picture above shows the jewelry showcase at the counter two weeks ago(with Deborah in the picture), and the slanted jewelry showcase at the front was the one I intended to rent.Unfortunately, I was a little slow than other vendors and someone took that spot alread. (Oh no!)

While I was a little disappointed, I decided to go ahead and rent another booth just to get some retail experience.So, I spent the whole morning making earring cards and tagging items.Then I went to the shop at about 1pm.

I forgot to take more photos of the shop as I arrived, but I was amazed by the variety of items already displayed in the shop! Better yet, I noticed a real nice locked shelf at the entrance, right opposite to the counter.I was told it was still not rented, so I quickly moved my jewelry in the best spot available!

Did you see how busy this small place is? The counter was jewelry showcases were already filled with jewelry.More and more vendors came in today to reserve their booths.

My booth lights up.It looks a little strange right now because of the displays used..I had prepared my displays for a lower shelf space(the counter jewelry showcase), so all the earrings are just laying flat right now, and the necklaces are actually laying on a bracelet display! I'll be back in two weeks to put my jewelry on proper displays(which I have to order first..).I'll probably bring some more jewelry as well.

If you are near Summerville South Carolina, you can see my jewelry in person starting this Wednesday(9/15).I have many pearl rings listed at a special price($10) because the colors are discontinued in my Etsy shop.

The address for Tea Farm Cottage is--

808 N Cedar St

Summerville, South Carolina

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