Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Booth Display Update at Tea Farm Cottage

More on my first retail shop! The photos from yesterday showed my jewelry displayed in the middle shelf in the case.I took over the middle shelf because it was the perfect height for jewelry.But when I got home I started to worry about another vendor renting the top shelf and blocking my light. After talking a few full time Etsy sellers, I took the plunge and rented the whole locked case all to myself.Because the original top shelf was too high for me, I rearranged the glass panels, removing one and moving another one down, so the case now has two large shelves.I brought more jewelry in today.

I forgot to bring my canon poweshot so these photos were taken with my sony cellphone.They are a little blurred, but you get an idea of the whole layout.Here's some close-up photos..

I brought in over 50 rings, 20 necklaces, 20 pairs of earringsm, 3 bangles and some bangle charms.

Right now the earring display looks a little sad becauce it's not full. I'll bring in more pearl and gemstone earrings in a few weeks for the grand opening.

I felt very uncertain before I rented the booth, but now that everything is all set up and ready to go, I'm just happy. I guess, just like my buddy monkeysalwayslook said, you should try everything at least once to know whether it will work or not. This is my first time to deal with a retailer in person.I'm very lucky the owner Deborah is extremely pleasant to work with.She's simply sweet.She is also en Etsy seller and found me through Etsy.Deborah makes the most beautiful hair accessories -- they were the first things I was attracted to at Tea Farm Cottage! There are so many amazing crafters at Tea Farm Cottage that I am afraid I would spend money on other people's before I make any sale :)

At the end of this post, I would like to say special thanks to my great Full Time Etsy teamies, who helped me with my decision to go for my first retail shop: bizzilizzie, beckandcallgirl, eleen, XOhandworks, monkeysalwayslook, ileaiye, mpaperarts, southpawstudios, epicerma, cricketscreations, nicholasandfelice and kfarrell, I probably would have come to the same conclusion without your help, but you made me feel so much more confident about every little step I take. I'm so lucky to have your support.


NeeNee said...

I stopped by the Tea Farm Cottage this morning and purchased your two peas in a pod necklace in green. I love it. Your jewelry is so delicate and sophisticated. I love it.

mu-yin jewelry said...

OMG !thank you so much! :D

WillowWalker said...

Looking good! I agree that renting the whole case was your best bet! Good luck with your new venture!

eleen said...

Congrats, it looks great! And how exciting that you've already made sales! Hope to hear that you sell out completely very soon. :]

Kristi said...

I saw your stuff at Tea Farm, too! I also have a corner (in the back room) with baby items, accessories, etc. - Palmetto Handmade. It's my first retail experience as well. Deborah has done a great job I think!! Blessings to you!

PS - I found your blog googling "Tea Farm Cottage" - you were the #1 search result - yay!

mu-yin jewelry said...

hello Kristi!I know who you are :D I saw your booth the first day I set up my booth.Your items are cute! :)
Yes, I think Deborah is amazing. She's just so sweet.I'm very happy that my jewelry is surrounded by so many crafters!

Delia Adriana said...

OH I'm so jealous! I wish I could shop there, that is soooo cute!

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