Wednesday, July 29, 2009

oh dear..what have i got myself into?

I'm finally starting my own website.Yay!

But things aren't as easy as I thought. Long story short, there was some misunderstanding and I signed up my web hosting with Hostgator on July 4th. I had no idea what was supposed to happen after one registers with a hosting company, so I was totally shocked when given a link to this thing called "cpanel", and even more shocked when I saw dozens of icons in it that I had no clue about! Even tho Hostgator's tech support has been amazing, it really doesn't help much if you know nothing about website building just like me, so i eventually had to ask my graphic designer cousin yuli to help me design my website.

Yuli hasn't got a chance to look into it, and I kept asking myself more questions about the website, especially whether I wanted to stay with hostgator or switch to pappashop (known for thier ease of use) before my 45 day trial period ends.

So I downloaded a free html editor online today along with a free template from Hostgator.To my amazement, I actually figured out how to do some basic editing in the html editor, even though I still had no idea what I was doing! It was such an encouraging news for me that I decided to start doing some more reading about website building.

Anyway..the picture above is a test page I just did tonight.I'm really hoping my first website can sorta look like this.There's still a lot of techincal problems to be sorted out, but at least I have a good start now.


SpiralsandSpice said...

Good for you, Mollie!!!! I've been thinking about taking that step also. I do know a little about website building, so hopefully it will not be too painful of a process! :)

Meekiyu said...

looks good to me... html can get pretty confusing but it's fairly simple if you break it down into it's basic parts... lolol I did very little and I notice that once you see that it gets a bit easier. =D

Twiggymolly said...

I love your new web site!

I understand how hard it is to get one made.

Good to have it link to your etys shop while you figure it out.

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