Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anniversary + 4th of July Sale!! -- 10% off on All Jewelry Orders

Just a quick post on my anniversary sale!From now through 7/7, all jewelry orders in my jewelry shop will receive 10% off. All PEARL orders in my supply shop will also receive 10% off! Better yet -- shipping from both shops can be combined.Simply contact me for a revised invoice!

I was actually reminded by a customer that I've been on Etsy for two full years now! I'm thrilled and grateful to say that after 2 years my jewelry shop is still going strong and I am now actually expanding my business to jewelry supplies. If you check my sold item list, you will find I made my first sale on 7/5/2007.I had registered on Etsy on 6/29, but did not list my first item until 7/4 (so technically 4th of July is my anniversary). I was one of those lucky ones who made their first sale within 24 hours after their first listing, and I immediately recognized the potential of this new online venue after my first month.
Almost one year after I started selling on Etsy, I was able to quit my day job and started doing jewelry full time.You can read more about my story on Etsy Storque.

HAPPY 4th of JULY!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

One Birthday, Two Cakes

I turned 31 yesterday.Even though we don't usually celebrate birthdays in my family,it was a good excuse to have a family dinner and buy a cake while I was in Taiwan, so my mom decided we would celebrate my birthday a week earlier, just the night before I came back to the US.I love cakes.The last time I had a birthday cake was almost 10 years ago, when I was in England (I could be wrong, but I remember I actually made the cake myself that time).
My friend Wanda(sitting next to me) came to say good bye to me and joined our family dinner and birthday celebration. As you can see, my cake was actually a "combination pie" that I picked at a bakery. It looked sorta funny, but I liked how I got to try a little bit of every flavor.
My bad habit is to try out the food when everyone is busy doing something else, but my little brother caught me tasting the whipped cream and took this snap shot....
I sure do look happy in this picture. :)

On my actual birthday(yesterday), I went to a local seafood restaurant(The Crab House) Michael and his father.
After the lunch,the waiters and waitresses talked towards us clapping and singing a birthday song.I thought someone else in the restaurant was having a birthday, because we "apparently didn't order a cake". It turned out to be a surprise from Michael.

Here's my key lime pie--
and a birthday photo --
I'm not so thrilled about getting older, but I did have some good time this year. And I do hope my birthday wishes will come true!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back in Charleston

Hello America, I’m back! And I’m all ready to work after my 3-week vacation plus business trip to Taiwan and Hong Kong. I can’t wait to share a few exciting posts with you in the coming weeks, including a recipe for Chinese dumplings, my trip to the beautiful south and east Taiwan, and some travelling tips in Hong Kong.

Despite the long layover, my flight back to the US was one of the best flights I have ever had. I had to transfer twice, with the second flight being the longest, and also overnight, flight (about 13 hours). If you have taken an overnight flight, you probably already know how uncomfortable it can be – you need to train yourself to sleep in those small seats for at least a few hours or you can arrive another country all jet-lagged.
I was lucky this time -- only ¼ of the seats were taken on this flight!
I was not the only one excited by what I saw. As soon as the fasten-seat-belt sign was turned off, many passengers started moving around and picking their favorite row of seats. After dinner, everyone made themselves comfortable and fell asleep.
My flight to Taiwan three weeks ago was exhausting because I couldn’t sleep among the crowd, but this time I had 3 pillows, 4 blankets and 3 seats all to myself (ALL MINE!) , so it’s not hard to make myself comfortable. I slept so well that I even missed the midnight snack (which never happened to me before). When I woke up, I saw a piece of carrot cake the flight attendant left on my table. What a sweet surprise.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Home Sweet Home

dining area,the kitchen and the door to the very green back porch

Finally, after spending over 24 hours in the airports and on the airplane,I arrived home in Hsin-Chu, Taiwan around midnight last night.There's not many places I can go (or want to go) today because it's been raining hard all day long.It's a perfect day to blog tho.I never shared pictures of my home because I grew up in an "abnormal" home.By "abnormal" I mean serious, and you'll see why by taking a quick look at the following pictures...

These are just a few corners of my home.We have books in EVERY corner of our home -- my dad literally flooded this small condo with books.If you are not amazed yet, you should know you only saw a friction of his book collection(He must have hundreds of thousands of books). It's very hard not to become a serious person like me growing up under this environment.

The following picture shows a few paintings I did in high school.My mom has displayed them on the bookshelf along with the books.. If you have been following my blog for a while, you may still remember the post when I talked about my artistic mother. She has been taking watercolor classes and will have an exhibition at her friend's gallery next year.I checked out her watercolor paintings last night and was amazed how much her skills have improved.She framed a few of her paintings and put them up on the wall.Here are two of them...

My mom has been feeding me like every three hours since last night (I had dumplings at midnight last night!) I hope I don't gain too much weight here.But it's dinner time now, and I'm hungry, so I'll update again in a few days with more pictures of Taiwan :)
mollie xo

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