Sunday, May 17, 2009

"Social Networking" and Facebook Games

It's been a week since my last post.I had so many things on my mind, mostly about my business and trip to Asia.I finally booked the hotel in Hong Kong and plan to write about my trip planning,but before that I just want to share some "simple pleasure" with you.

I really suck at enjoying small and "meaningless" stuff in life.Seriously.I feel guilty and restless whenever I am not working -- if I take a few days off from work I would feel as if my precious life is slipping away and it's my fault that I'm not accomplishing more.I don't know where I got this "I need to work as much as I can and not waste any time on meaningless stuff" idea from, but I seem to be like this since I was very young.
Anyway, as part of my "shop makeover"(which I will also talk about more in a later post), I invited many of my customers and to be my Facebook friends.It's an eye-opening experience for me to get a glance of many people's real life at once.Many customers wrote on my wall telling me how much they like my jewelry, which is encouraging for me, and I was also glad to see how my customers are.I didn't expect this to happen, but just like customers may want to know who they are buying from, I want to know who buy from me as well.
Inspired by my new Facebook friends, I started playing a few games on Facebook, especially Bejeweled Blitz and Farm Town.I did pretty well on Bejeweled Blitz(in the picture above you can see I rank number 2 among my friends) and actually started some random online chats with other player friends!
As for Farm Town, it started with other facebook friends sending me " farm town gifts", and I "accidentally" enabled this application on my facebook profile. You can see my farm in the following picture --

When I started playing Farm Town, my farm was not like this at all.It was very confusing to me because I started with a bare field like this(the farm below belongs to my new friend Custom Cuteness', who started playing it just two days ago) --

I figured out that I was supposed to grow crops on this bare farm and harvest them,but the whole thing still felt pretty meaningless and silly until I saw my friend& "farmer neighbor" Shelly's farm --

Shelly's farm looks like a real farm to me.I mean, it looks like a farm that I would want to live in! It's just irresistibly cute!!!! Shelly immediately became my farm town mentor and model and I'm working my way up to having a pretty farm like hers.This must be the most "meaningless" thing I've done for a while but I truly enjoy it.I love how pretty the farm looks when the crops are ready to be harvested, and I also enjoy checking my crops to see when I can harvest them -- anyway, here's a silly post about my recent silly life.I suppose it's ok for me to do some meaningless things every once a while.


Meekiyu said...

I love playing bejeweled... that farm game reminds of something like sim city and sim like games. Scrabble is pretty fun too on facebook. =D

Vera said...

I haven't tried Bejeweled in FB but I got hooked on ChainRxn yesterday!

NotAlwaysCharming said...

I am soooo addicted to Farm Town. Just ridiculous! LOL

ching said...

haha from you post here.. i went to try out bejeweled blitz.. and from there I had been stuck ! haha... but I couldn't beat you. you are a champ!

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