Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Arrivals "My Lil Birthstone" Necklaces (and other stuff..)

I can't believe it has been two weeks since my last update. I wonder what I have been doing these two weeks! My Etsy shop has slowed down a lot after Mother's Day, and I got some time to relax and sleep.I seriously have been sleeping A LOT recently, and it makes me feel guilty because I feel like I'm sleeping my life away.But, I've gotta do what I've gotta do -- I can't work when I'm sleepy!
I'm leaving for Taiwan next Tuesday and have been pretty nervous about the trip.There's a lot of things to be sorted out and my small brain is stuffed with a big to-do list.The first thing was to get my new 12 birthstone necklaces listed. I finished making them and photographing them on Memorial Day, and started listing them a few days ago.My goal is to finish listing all 12 necklaces before I leave.They are all listed under the title "My Lil Birthstone".I have quite a bit of different gemstones in stock and it took me some time to decide which ones to be used in this collection.My final decision was to use stones of the closest size and shapes and therefore larger stones and marquise shaped stones are not included, but I'm open to custom orders if customers are interested in them.

I will also admit that I'm still playing my silly farm town game whenever I'm not sleeping or working.(and I admit I've been sleeping more than working) I have met some other "farmers" on facebook and made friends with them, so in some sense you can also say I've been busy making friends :) My farm has grown a lot since my last update, and I was able to grow crops in patterns.See if you can read what I'm trying to say on my farm.The crops grow everyday and here's the picture from day 1 --

Day 2 ...
Day 3, almost complete..
Did you see the message? :)
I'll be posting again after I arrive Taiwan next Wednesday.Murphy will be travelling with me this time and posting for me when I'm busy!

happy weekend!
mollie xo


Meghann said...

Wow, the new items are really pretty, and your farm looks cool too :)
Have a great trip, I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time - take lots of pictures to show us - I've always wanted to travel to TaiWan!

Dazzled Beader Designs said...

My friends were just telling me about Farm Town today. This is a really great blog, so helpful. I'm glad, especially as a newbie, that I discovered it! :)


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