Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day -- Gallery of Birthstone Necklaces

custom family birthstone gemstone necklaceI know it's still two days to Mother's Day, but I'd like to do an early post in case I don't have time on Sunday :)
Here's a gallery of "Circle of Love" custom family birthstone necklaces I made since it was first introduced in April.It started as a basic 4 stone design, but since it was meant to be a custom piece, I started getting requests to make it with different number of birthstones.

I take pictures of every birthstone necklace I made(it feels like trophies to me lol) and keep them in a folder. Here are the necklaces with 2 stones --

3 stones --
custom family birthstone gemstone necklace
custom family birthstone gemstone necklace
custom family birthstone necklacecustom family birthstone necklacethe original 4 stone design was done with the stones laying against the circle frame..
custom family birthstone necklaceAfter making a few of these, I thought it may look nice to arrange the stones like a little "arch" instead, and since immediately became the preferred design by my customers, I changed the prototype photos for the listing.

custom family birthstone necklacecustom family birthstone necklacecustom family birthstone necklaceHere's a 6 stone design.I played with it a little bit and decided to do an asymmetrical arrangement of the stones.I also offered the customer to do a larger 3/4" circle frame so I can fit all 6 stones on one arch, but she preferred how the stones are broken like this--
custom family birthstone necklaceThe 6 stone design was actually a variation of the original 7 stone design as shown in the following picture. All 7 stones are lined against the frame and I added a little extra wire wrap in the middle --

Another 7 stone necklace I just made.This is one of the few necklaces that I was given the freedom to arrange the stones the way I liked (most customers prefer stones arranged based on birth orders), and I was very happy with the result --

I found myself making these birthstone necklaces with great pleasure knowing they have special meanings to the gift recipients.I was also honored to make a miscarriage necklace with the lost baby's birthstone added to the necklace.

Unfortunately my own mother doesn't wear any jewelry, or I would love to make her one necklace along with a family birthstone ring :)
But I'm sure mom will be reading this before Mother's Day, so --

Happy Mother's Day!
to my dear mother, and every mother who is reading this post!


Meekiyu said...

beautiful collection of necklaces! I love how you're so innovative with the stones and wires. =D

annelu said...

The really attractive design, has filled the creativity!

Meghann said...

Gorgeous! Your creativity speaks for itself :)

jasmine said...

very nice necklace and different shape.

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