Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Name this new flower ring for me!

since Gardenia Blossom may be too big for some of my customers,I created this smaller flower ring for those who prefer more delicate jewelry. What flower do you think this ring looks like?
To me it looks like either rose of sharon or anemone , but since I don't know many flowers, I thought perhaps my smart blog readers would have better ideas than me :)


by Patricia Wood said...

A little white flower that is also popular is the Edelweiss. It is one of the best-know European mountain flowers. "Edel" means noble and "weiss" means white (in German).

Love what you do. Everything is just lovely:)

Take care!

Meekiyu said...

it reminds me of the flower on the flag of Hong Kong for some reason. Another lovely ring! =D

Debra Beach said...

It also has petals similar to the Primrose flower. Another beauty! I may have to add this to my collection. :)

mu-yin jewelry said...

it does look like primrose to me :)
my mom said to name it something more abstract like "angel kiss"..

M.Kate said...

Very nice and delicate, you are very talented too ;p

Meghann said...

Lovely Lotus? Daisy Kiss?
It is gorgeous no matter what you name it :)

Sara at Soap Rehab said...

Ohhh I like lotus blossom :)

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