Tuesday, April 14, 2009

my artistic mother

I finally listed Gardenia Blossom in my Etsy shop a few days ago.In the listing there is a poem in Chinese with English translation.I'll copy it here in my blog again so you can all read it...

生命如花  Life is like a gardenia
盛開在溫暖的日光下  Blooming in the warm sunlight
純潔芬芳 晶瑩可愛 Pure, fragrant and simply sweet
唯此一朵  Wholeness is presented
卻已包含所有 In one gardenia blossom

I did not explain in the listing where this poem came from, but I assume some of you would be interested in knowing...The original poem(in Chinese) was written by my mother just for the Gardenia Blossom listing. :) Since most of my customers don't read Chinese, I have to translate it into English..My mother's original poem was beautiful,and I just hope I did an ok job translating it(I altered a few words--changing the word "flower" to "gardenia" and "gardenia blossom" so it would suit the listing better.maybe I'll change it back to "flower" later..still thinking about it..)

You may understand me more if you know my mother.She is a creative and passionate soul.I am very much like her in this sense, except that I am more shy and keep my passion all bottled up. My mother is lively, bubbly, generous, caring,completely natural and beautiful(no makeup, no jewelry, no fancy clothes, just all natural beauty). You can get a better idea of her by looking at her paintings--the one above, titled "Self Portrait", and the one below, titled "Sunflower".

My mother is a VERY talented artist.She never received any official art training until very recently. These paintings were done after she took some weekly watercolor classes. I think she did an amazing job.

I inherited my mother's creative talents, which I am forever grateful for. I still remember her teaching me play the piano, teaching me how to write (oh yes, I received pretty decent training in writing because both of my parents used to teach Chinese literature), and I also remember digging out these little pretty bookmarks with drawings of flowers on them when I was a child.I was fascinated by these simplistic yet well balanced little drawings -- my mother had great control with colored pencils even before she received any training. She was my first artistic inspiration and I probably got my "flower obsession" from her too.

Interestingly,with all the talents she possessed, my mother never became a full time artist. She stayed as a Chinese Literature teacher at my high school until just a few years ago, when she finally retired. And that was when she picked up her art again.She started taking art lessons, calligraphy lessons (she does amazing Chinese calligraphy), she took on a project to be the chief editor of a bi-monthly buddhist journal, and also sang in a choir(and she is an amazing soprano too. No kidding! I can never sing tho). I'm sure my father and my brothers would all agree with me that my mother is much happier now that her children have all grown up and nothing can stop her from being an artist.

Can you feel from her paintings and poem the overflowing energy of joy?Mom doesn't know how to get her works seen by the world and I think this is the least I can do for her.

If you like her poem and paintings, please let her know by leaving a comment below.I'm sure mom would love to hear from her fans..
如果你們喜歡她的詩與畫,請在下面留言讓她知道。我相信媽媽會想知道你們的看法 :)

xo mollie/慕音


Anonymous said...

Your Mom has INCREDIBLE talent. Wow! I love the first painting. Maybe she should open her own Etsy store? She ought to be in a gallery at least. I think it's beautiful that she can be all that she wants to be now and let her inner artist flow.

mu-yin jewelry said...

I know!Isn't she amazing?I told her to open an Etsy shop, but she is not as technical as me so I may have to sort things out so people can see more of her works.

Debra Beach said...

Your mother is an incredibly gifted artist! Both paintings are so beautiful. She should definitely keep the painting in her life and consider selling on Etsy. Now I see where you get your creative gifts. The 2 of you should team up and create jewelry pieces that somehow incorporate her painting talents - like a hand painted pendant or something like that. What a gifted family, thanks for sharing!

Julie B said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful and inspiring story! Your mother is very gifted. Her spirit shines through her paintings and poetry. It is wonderful that you can share your creative gifts and collaborate on your work. I hope that you and your mother find a way to show her work to the world.

Anonymous said...

親愛的Anonymous, Debra each ,Julie B:謝謝妳們的分享與鼓勵!繪畫經常帶給我莫大的喜悅,我會一直繪下去。小音很有藝術天賦,設計的珠寶首飾很有創意品味,尤其是gardenia blossom美得無話可說,才讓我一時詩興大發,順手拈來這首短詩,深深祝福大家!
   秀玉 2009/04/15

Beadsme said...

Great talent. Beautiful.

mu-yin jewelry said...

(here's mollie translating the Chinese comment above, left by my mother)

Dear Anonymous,Debra Beach,Julie B,

thank you for your feedback and encouragement! Art brings me immense joy and I will continue to paint.Mu-Yin is a very talented artist.Her jewelry designs are very tasteful,especially Gardenia Blossom.It was so beautiful that I was inspired to write the poem.


mu-yin jewelry said...

by the way, my mother's chines name Shiu-Yu means "beautiful jade", and my name "Mu-Yin" means "love(adore) music". :)

Nilz said...

Interesting story. I liked the whole idea. We often get to see inscriptions but hardly know the underlying fact.

Keep it up.

Lara Lutrick said...

Just lovely.

Meekiyu said...

Beautiful work your mom does and wonderful poem your ring is also so awesome! That's pretty funny because I just so happen to have been looking at Chinese Poetry even though my reading skills are very minimal I love the way calligraphy and poetry sound and mean. I'm working on creating an piece of art inspired by one of my favorite poems. =D

Anonymous said...

謝謝小音幫媽媽翻譯和連結,讓我認識了許多可愛的好朋友. 期盼小音能創造更多美好的珠寶首飾,讓更多有緣的人佩戴.相信這個世界會更豐富美麗!秀玉

Anonymous said...

yes i can see the joy in her work ,although having known for many years i feel her family is a part of her work . it shows through you mu-yin . much happiness to all of you . d chen..

Elizabeth said...

Your mother's paintings are beautiful and so serene! Wonderful to have such a strong presence like her in your life. Cherish it always!

mu-yin jewelry said...

(here's mollie translating mom's comment again..)

Mu-Yin, thank you for connecting me with so many lovely friends. I hope you will continue to create more beautiful jewelry for people who enjoy it, making this a more beautiful world!


Delia Adriana said...

Ummm.... I need one of those paintings. These are soooo incredible! It is obvious where your beauty and talent came from! You're both incredibly amazing and classy ladies :o) Such an honor to have gotten to know you!

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