Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gardenia Blossom photo shoot : )

I would like to say thank you to everyone who commented on or emailed me about my last post, and to those who voted for the name you like. You girls have made me SO happy-- much happier than when I was contacted by Elle. It feels great to be recognized by an editor, but for me it just means much more to be loved by my customers and blog readers. I would rather make jewelry that people love and want to wear than jewelry that gets appreciated only by fashion critics. It feels great to know people love my jewelry, but it feels even better to know people love the pieces I love.

Since Gardenia Blossom received outstanding votes, I suppose that will be the name for my beloved ring.Thank you to Eleen, Meghann and Laure, who gave me suggestions for the name!

It was a very beautiful day today.It's the kind of spring sunny day when the breeze smells like the sun and plants and one has to try extremely hard not to think about going out. (So I did. Ha!) I was in such a good mood that I finally picked up my camera and set up some background for Gardenia Blossom.I hope you find these new pictures prettier than those from my last post. I have always known this is what I need to do for certain pieces of my jewelry, but, boy, it is time consuming just to arrange the layout and think about the proportion of the colors. Besides, it seriously is not my style of photography. My visual concepts are very simple and I am not very imaginative (tell me why I am making jewelry--I really don't know why) the only thing I can say is I do feel I have decent taste about colors.Here are three sets of photos that I have done, each set featuring a different theme.

The first set is green, pink and black for a casual and refreshing setting.The paper came from a local Hobby store.It's just some stock paper with pretty patterns on it.I made sure the pattern was not too overwhelming because of the complexity of the ring.--

Here's your size reference picture, with me(US size 6-7) modeling the ring

Front shot gives you an idea what the whole ring looks like.This is the most boring angle, but I always like to do a front shot to make sure the customer knows what the ring "really" looks like.

Bridgette a.k.a. Earmark reminded me this is a perfect bridal ring, so I decided to do a romantic bridal set with lace.Here is a close-up of the ring with the edge slightly covered by the lace. Doesn't it sort of look like a shy bride under the veil?

A spacial and hopeful shot with the ring facing the pink space.Lots of pink.
Just lace(another size reference shot) --
The last set I did was much easier.This is just my hand, the ring, and the wall.It is meant to look like a very simple and modern studio shot.Notice how these three pictures show you what the ring looks like in different angles when being worn. I also like this setting because it's realistic and customers can easily imagine what the ring may look like on their finger.

I would like to add a few words before finishing this post. A few readers contacted me, wanting to know if Gardenia Blossom will be listed in my Etsy shop. The answer is yes. I don't just make jewelry -- I sell it. I have been holding onto it because I want to make sure it's *perfect* when listed, so it will be another few days before you see it in my Etsy shop. The price for this ring is $88 plus shipping($3 to continental US).

If you are interested , you can purchase it by clicking the buy-now button below--

A few details about Gardenia Blossom:
the ring is made with slid sterling silver wire and high quality designer keishi freshwater pearls.The pearls are wire wrapped onto the band and no glue is used. It has an adjustable band that will fit up to US size 8 comfortably. A larger size can be made upon request. Please let me know your approximate ring size so I can shape the band for you.

This is a copyrighted design and is available only at Mu-Yin Jewelry.

I hope you enjoy this post and have have a beautiful weekend :)

xo mollie


Meghann said...

Just beautiful! I'm glad you liked the name and I hope you sell lots of them :)

mu-yin jewelry said...

Thanks Meghann!!
Pictured ring was just sold an hour ago to my sweet customer Debra, so Gardenia Blossom is now a made-to-order ring.

Thanks Debra!
xoxo mollie

Duni said...

Yay! I voted for that name too! The ring is gorgeous, Mu-Yin. Awesome for it to be featured in Elle. All those images are very aesthetic...I love it.

mu-yin jewelry said...

Duni, I wish it was this ring they were going to feature in Elle!but it's actually the Safety Pin earrings they were interested.I hope some other magazines will feature Gardenia Blossom in the future :)

Anonymous said...

The new photos are absolutely gorgeous! Love the ones with the green clutch in them. You are truly a photography inspiration to us all!

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