Saturday, April 11, 2009

Farmer's Market and Carrotmob

I got up early today (8 am, which is unusually early for me) to attend the first Marion Square farmer's market of the year.Even though I have been living in Charleston for almost a year by now, I did not learn about this Saturday farmer's market until Rachel, a local customer of mine, told me about it, "you should sell your jewelry there," she said.
Last week, Rachel's colleague Jessica bought some jewelry from me for Rachel.When Jessica picked up the jewelry at the local cafe(as of now,Etsy is still my only sales venue,so I always meet with local customers at a cafe for jewelry pick up), I started chatting with her, and ended up deciding to come to the farmer's market together.Sometimes life is strange like that, I suppose.
I love downtown Charleston, but it is always scary for me to drive there because I always get lost.Roads in Indiana are much, much easier and the traffic is better too. Not only am I a poor driver, parker, and I am also very bad at directions. Despite all these "difficulties", every once a while I still like to go to downtown Charleston for a little arts and crafts adventure.
The farmer's market was bigger than I expected, and there was a very nice crowd already when I arrived. Jessica and her roommate brought three dogs with them, and they were not the only one walking the dogs.The weather was just beautiful, and so were the booths! I was too busy looking at everything that I forgot to take pictures.There are a lot of jewelry booths, and I was excited to see the overall quality of the jewelry. Half of the jewelry sellers price their jewelry higher than mine, making me rethink about my pricing formula...but, don't worry,I'll make sure my Etsy customers get enough notice if there should be a dramatic increase in prices.

After the farmer's market, I had to attend an interesting event called "Carrotmob".I learned about Carrotmob from a Facebook friend, and thought it was a cool and fun concept.Today was Charleston's inaugural Carrotmob so I really wanted to go there to support them.
The location of today's Carrotmob is Queen Street Grocery. They will donate 30% of their total sales today to to energy-saving upgrades to their building and business, so all we earth lovers need to do is to go there and shop as a way to raise money for the good cause.I parked too far from QSG and thought I got lost.I also had the wrong address with me(thanks to my carelessness) and almost gave up looking for this small store. But I decided to walk just a few more blocks, and there it was! It was a small grocery store with a juice bar, and many people, including some reporters, were already there before me. I bought $30 worth of grocery today, but I think I will have to go back there sometime for their made to order crepes!


Sweetwater Designs said...

oh sounds like fun! always interesting to get out and see the competition first hand..

tstreasures said...

I wish we had something like that here in Vegas, sounds like a great day!

Jessica said...

Hi! I had a nice time with you, we'll have to do it again without the puppies!
ps Hope you didn't get a ticket :)

mu-yin jewelry said...

hello jessica!
the puppies will be disappointed if they can't come!
I arrived my spot 4min before the meter expired. I'll park at a garage next time so I can browse worry free! I'll buy some food there next time. Everyone was eating and the food smelled so good..I want to go again already this Saturday!

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