Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bead Trends magazine

I don't know what happened with Venus Zine, or what will happen with Elle; the only thing I am certain about is my tutorials are published in the current Bead Trends magazine (April 2009 issue) and I just received my copies today.I have two tutorials--Pussy Willow Branch earrings(top right corner of the inner cover and page 40) and geometry fun earrings(p.82-83).You can find Bead Trends magazines at your local Barne's & Noble.You can also click the photos to enlarge and read my tutorials on these earrings--

Along with three copies of the magazine, I was compensated a small amount of gift certificate to a jewelry supplier. I wish Bead Trends could do a little better on compensating artists(BeadStyle Magazine gives $20 cash for a 50 word beading tip), but over all I am still very happy to have my first tutorials published in Bead Trends.I like the layout of the magazine and how they stuff so many tutorials in one book, but must warn you it's not a magazine for jewelry beginners because it does not include step-by-step pictorial instructions like other beading magazines.I think it's meant for a more experienced jewelry artisan like me (even though I can figure out how most pieces are made without reading the instructions).
They were supposed to send my samples back along with my copies of magazine and the gift certificate, but guess what?The lady who did the shipping called me last week and asked if I would sell her the samples because she love both pairs! So there came a pretty random surprise sale for me, which is always a good news :)


WillowWalker said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited for you & plan to purchase a copy as soon as I run across it. I'll be keeping my eyes open. You go girl! You have lovely work!

Anonymous said...

Congratulation!! You're a Talent Jewelry Artist!! Nice Works!!

by Patricia Wood said...

Wow, so cool! Congratulations!

Anna said...

Congratulations! Isn't it exciting to see your words and work in print?!

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