Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Safety Pin Mania

sterling silver safety pin earrnigsWhile most people remember my jewelry as sweet and elegant, a "weird" side of me creeps in my jewelry designs every now and then.Take these safety pin earrings as an example, a few years ago I made myself a pair of small sterling silver safety pins and wore them as earrings because I thought it just looked so funky and "masochistic"(oh yeah, I've known to be a little strange among friends). When my friends saw these "earrings", they frowned and gave me this "what the xxxx...." expression, so I thought I was the only one weird.

I did not list these earrings in my etsy shop until early last year, after my business was well established. Somehow I felt the "need" to know I was not the only strange person on this planet, so I listed them as a way to say "Are you as strange as me? If so, here's something cool for you.."

Ever since they were listed, I would sell a pair of them every once a while. And whenever I sold a pair, I would make them with this secret excitement as if I felt somewhere else there was someone who understood me(just because they bought some earrings?).

They didn't become popular until a few weeks ago(now..if you are an etsy seller, you need to read this part carefully..), when I re-organized the items in my shop.I made a new shop section(category) called "plain hoop earrings" and listed these safety pin earrings under this section. I have ever since noticed a significant sales increase in hoop earrings, and especially these safety pin earrings.

sterling silver safety pin earrnigsI have customers commissioning safety pins of different size, finishing and metal.The most recent one I just did are these 2" safety pins in heavy gauge(18gauge) wire. Speaking of masochism, I guess my disorder is not as serious as some others --

sterling silver safety pin earrnigsOh, but did you know they can also be somewhat feminine and sweet?I just created these "bejeweled" safety pins yesterday with tiny sterling silver beads.These are probably the most expensive safety pins you'll ever own.I plan to make a few of safety pin with gemstones as well recently. :)

sterling silver safety pin earrings
don't they look like a pair of shoes in this picture? --
sterling silver safety pin earrings
before I finish, I'd like to say thank you to those who supported Murphy while I was gone.This little mountain monkey enjoyed his moment of fame!(I'm a little worried my readers may never want me back because Murphy is more charming than me) I thought you may want to know he has been hired as my assistant(I don't have enough cash but luckily he also takes bananas) so you will definitely be seeing him again.

have a lovely week~

xo mollie (&murphy)


Lenox Knits said...

Those are really cool. I can see why they are taking off. Thanks for the insight about how restructuring the shop can bring greater exposure and help sales. That is something to think about.

bikudesigns said...

Thanks for the shop info. Will look into that.

Sara Kirby said...

Wow, I have never seen such blingin' safety pins! Very raw and beautiful at the same time. Great job!

CastoCreations said...

Excellent! Very unique and different which people love. :) We all have to let our wild side out once in awhile.

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