Saturday, March 21, 2009


My car is covered with pollen today. Or should I say for the past few weeks. This is one of the scariest thing I've ever seen.This yellow "dust" looks so harmless but it gives me terrible sinus headache.I actually had to take a few days off because of the headache.I never had such terrible reactions to pollens.I did have hay fever when I was in England, when I would have watery or extremely dry eyes, but the pollen in Charleston is scary.Very scary.It's everywhere in the air and you can't avoid it even if you don't go out at all.


June Shin said...

Welcome to the south. The yellow "dust" is pine pollen, which is actually too big to cause allergies, but there are plenty of other things that will cause you problems.

Duni said...

Oh my. It has started here, too. I get dry eyes from it too, but I believe it's got to do with the birch tree pollen. We have one just outside our house.

mu-yin jewelry said...

hmm..I know nothing about trees or pollen..I didn't even know pollen = allergy until it happened to me! whether pine or birch tree, all I know is--no pollen for me, please!

Sara Kirby said...

Welcome to the east coast. Coming from Maryland I know all about hay fever, pollen, and seasonal allergies. I love our weather and distinct 4 seasons but I can count on at least 2 sinus infections a year.

I recommend a Neti pot to clean your sinuses nightly :)

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