Sunday, March 8, 2009


I have been hoping to make some new necklaces, but my creativity apparently has its own will.I made a bunch of bangles this week.Check out these simple and delicate interchangeable Add-a-Charm bangles--
sterling silver and gold filled interchangeable hammered bangleThey are pretty as singles or sets, and you can add your favorite charms onto them because they are finished with a hook clasp. I've been wanting to make these bangles for quite a while, but it took me sometime to figure out how to make them pretty and functional at the same time.
sterling silver and gold filled interchangeable hammered bangle
sterling silver and gold filled interchangeable hammered bangleAfter I made these plain Add-a-Charm bangles,I came up with an idea to make them more like my style--you gotta have some pearls and wire on the bangle! So here are the new Berry Bangles in different colors.Each bangle features pearls in two colors and another gemstone in a coordinating color.

I'm very excited that I finally got to use on these bangles more of the new pearls I bought in Hong Kong back in September last year.I was able to find some of these riny pearls in many different colors.They are too small for rings and earrings, but look just wonderful wire wrapped onto the bangles.I really like these.Maybe I should try to make some matching necklace!

Before I finish, may I share a news with my lovely readers who are also Etsy sellers: I just started the team blog for the Full Time Etsy Crafters Team, of which I am the organizer.We have plans on gathering helpful Etsy seller tips and info, and many of them will come directly from our team members, many of whom are selling full time on Etsy. If you enjoy reading the seller tips on my blog, be sure to subscribe or follow our team blog! If you have any questions for full time Etsy sellers, please feel free to comment on the blog, or email the team at fulltimeetsy[at]

have a wonderful day!
xo mollie


PJ said...

those are very pretty! keep up the good work.

Duni said...

Your bangles are very pretty, especially the ones with the pearl 'berries'. Cute idea!

Mrsfatface said...

Love your new bangles. They are really very pretty!

ching said...

me too, you bangles look fantastic.!

by the way the link to the blog of full time crafter seems .. a miss-linked.

mu-yin jewelry said...

oops..thanks for letting me know, Ching.We just changed the url.The correct url is

Christina said...

Those are beautiful!

Dee said...

those are beautiful!

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