Saturday, February 14, 2009

the perfect imperfection... happy velentine's day!

Before I make any jewelry, I always inspect the gemstones and pearls very closely.One day, when I was selecting pearls to be used for rings, I found an interesting pearl.Here's the picture of it--

Did you see what I saw? Look closer--

There is a dark spot on the pearl in a perfect heart shape.The dark spot was the result of the imperfection of the pearl being enhanced(darkened) during the dyeing process. It's very common to find dark spot on colored(dyed) pearls, but I have never seen it in such a lovely heart shape, and on a red pearl even! I was very excited to find this precious little thing.It's the perfect imperfection created by the Nature.I'm keeping the pearl for myself(or maybe I'll use it to make some jewelry for someone I love, I don't know yet), so these pictures are my Valentine for you--Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I hope you are spending today with your loved ones. :)


bikudesigns said...

Thanks. You should definitely keep this for someone special.

Starla said...

wow! how perfect is that! that definitely has to be kept for just the right person.

Petula said...

That's beautiful. If you keep it for yourself, what kind of jewelry would you make?

Meekiyu said...

that's gorgeous! I'm sure it'll look lovely as whatever it will be a part of. =D

Glitzer said...

This is so cute!!! Nice to have found it for Valentine's Day! Lovely!

Carol said...

No coincidence here! It was meant for you!!

Abby said...

That has got to be the coolest thing, ever! Thanks for sharing!

Also, I tagged you in a recent blog. Check it out and play along, if you'd like!


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