Friday, February 13, 2009

Gemstone Necklaces

Today I got a chance to photograph some of the necklaces I made a while back.Before I list them, I'll post the pictures here first and talk a little about them.
The first necklace was made over a year ago.I think it was made in the fall of 2007, just a few months after I opened my Etsy shop.This was my first attempt to make a Y necklace featuring a wire wrapped flower --

The next one was made last fall, after I came back from a gemstone buying trip.I used some top grade fancy cut pink topaz for the flower.

I really love this piece.I think the simplicity of it draws attention to the center piece, and the pearl drop gives it an elegant "grown up" feel. I never listed it in my shop, because I was shocked to find out its retail value when I did my price calculation.But now that I'm a little more confident about my works,I think I'll list it this week.

Remember what I said about planning to work on more high end pieces ? Well, I'm proud to say I finally tried some more things this week.The pictures below are a necklace I made yesterday--

This necklace is listed in my shop so you can see more pictures here. I was experimenting new techniques(random wire wrap and hand formed connectors) again with this piece.I have a feeling it will take me a while to get used to constructing larger pieces.

I'm glad to say I'm not very worried about selling these necklaces, because I have been making my living selling inexpensive jewelry. :)
I think one reason to work on larger pieces (which takes hours to design and make) is to understand myself -- especially my skills and aesthetics.It is becoming more and more clear what is important to me in my jewelry -- simplicity and balance.


Mrsfatface said...

WOW these are all really gorgeous pieces. You are super talented!

Abby said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I'm off to visit your shop...again!

Sedie said...

These necklaces are really beautiful and dainty! Your work is lovely.

Bonhomie Jewelry said...

The "Lakeside" piece is stunning! And I love the colors in the "Y" necklace.

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