Thursday, February 5, 2009

7 random facts about me

I have been tagged by Nancy(aka Indie Sista) so I'm here to share 7 random facts about me (in no particular order) with footnotes..

1. I am also a professional musician
I have a Master's degree in piano performance from Indiana University.I still think this is the greatest achievement I have ever done, because I had been an amateur pianist until age 21, and even my own piano teachers didn't think I could've gone so far.

2. I am fascinated by fire and knives
When I was a kid I liked to burn things..matches, candles(still one of my favorite), paper, leaves..Once, I almost burned down my neighbor's house when I tried to burn some leaves in their yard. Now I only burn candles and incense.
As for knives, I used to carry a small utility knife with me all the time(I put it in my pencil case, which I had with me ALL THE TIME), not because of self-protection, but just because I liked knives. I kept this habbit until just a few years ago, after a few of my beloeved cutters were confisticated at the airport.

3. I am extremely shy
I'm getting a little better at social occasions now, even though it is still very difficult for me to initiate a conversation with strangers.When I'm alone, often I would avoid eating out just because I don't want to place orders with a stranger. I don't go out to make friends either-- I'm so shy I would rather have no friends than trying to make friends. Luckily, people come to me every now and then wanting to be my friends, and I really appreciate it when that happens.

4. I am fascinated by transportation
cars, buses, airplanes, trains.. etc. Basically, I like being a passenger and being "moved" from place to place, be it fast or slow. I think it's so cool that I don't even need to move my legs and something can take me to a different place, and I can let my mind wander when I'm inside a transportation. I hate driving though.

5. I HATE being teased
I'm so cute that everyone likes to tease me. Even kids! People tell me they can't help teasing me because I'm so cute, but I hate being teased and I can cry if I happen to be in a vulnerable mood when you tease me.

6. I don't remember people's faces
I often pass people whom I have met as if I have never met them before. I don't mean to be rude, but I simply don't remember people's face. This also makes it difficult for me to understand movies with more than 5 characters -- I think I have a maximum capacity of remembering 2 faces at a time, and that's if these two people don't change their hair or makeup.

7. I believe in miracles
I'm not sure exactly what miracles are, but I believe in miracles and believe that a lot of my luck came from my belief in miracles...

Now,here are the 7 people that I'm tagging. All of these are bloggers who have left comments on my blog recently--

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Alicia aka “Fashiona”
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I hope you enjoy!



Duni said...

Hello Mu-Yin,
I enjoyed learning more about you. So you like knives too, do you? I used to carry an army knife around for a while...but that got confiscated are the airport too.
Oops, just saw you tagged me!

have a great day,


mu-yin jewelry said...

Airport security is evil..they steal my beloved knives..

hehe, so now I don't need to inform you that you are tagged :)

mollie xo

Nancy said...

It was nice getting to know more about you!

Abby said...

Thanks for tagging me!! I'm glad you got a kick out of my post. To answer your question: we've never had anything weird or creepy happen like that before!! I have had a couple of raids on units by the police, but that's always to be expected in this business. :) It is a strange job--but I could write a book on some of the weird things I've encountered!! :)
Have a wonderful day!

Adorn Me jewelry said...

Mu-yin, my mother is cute, too. She's very short and always dresses nicely and does her makeup, at almost 84 years old. People -- strangers -- come up to her and want to hug her, telling her how cute she is. My mother isn't shy, and is instead outgoing, so it's mostly okay (but weird, I think), but it would be so hard to have to deal with this if the person were shy, like you.

Best to you, :)


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