Saturday, January 31, 2009

Something New this week..

Last Tuesday, I was invited by a local Etsy seller pamelacisnero to a "social networking happy hour". Pamela came across my Etsy shop two weeks ago and noticed I, like her, also live in Charleston.We started some conversations, and she asked if I was interested in meeting other local business people. Even though I was always afraid of social occasions (that's why I only sell my jewelry online -- I try to meet as few people as possible), I thought perhaps there was a chance to make some connections or obtain resources for my business."Besides, Pamela will be there and I want to at least meet her, " I told myself, "be brave and go out make some friends."
So I did.

I wasn't sure what "business casual, no jeans" meant, but I did know I should wear lots of jewelry. I put on two necklaces(lariats),four rings, a bracelet and a pair of earrings (And they all matched.No kidding.), and I thought maybe a low cut purple dress with flower pattens would be "business casual"-- well, at least it was low cut so I could show off the lariats.

Not only did I spend too much time doing my makeup, and I also got lost (as usual) on my way there.Then I fell when I got out of the parking lot and scratched my hand and knee..But eventually I put myself together and showed up.Pamela recognized me right away and showed me around.It was nothing like I expected.The pub where the meeting was held
was a basically high end social club and they closed on Tuesday night just for the group meeting. Everyone was wearing suits and looked like successful business people(and you remember my flowery dress..sigh..). There was not as much food as I expected(when Pamela told me it was "happy hour", I thought they would be serving chicken wings lol) but they did have plenty to drink! I met 5 ladies or so, all of whom noticed my jewelry right away and asked for my business card, so I swapped cards with them. Before the meeting finished, I smiled to two people who were talking to each other and we three started talking about the Lasik eye surgery...We talked about Lasik for about 10 min or so before they asked me about my business.

Then, guess what? Both of them bought jewelry from me. I was thrilled! This was the first time I sold something to a random stranger, and it felt amazing.Now, call me silly, but it gave me courage to start a project that I had been putting off -- creating some high end gemstone jewelry and expand local market.

I am still experimenting the technique I used in the earrings you see in the following pictures. It took me a while to figure out what types of wire wrapping technique suit me better, and here's what I came up with.My favorite is the last pair I made last night called "Spring Garden". I just love green too much, I guess.


SortaFlowering Designs said...

Wow! Lovely Designs! =)

Duni said...

the green necklace and earrings are my favourite! Good for you to have gone to the meeting and congrats on the sales!
Sorry you fell, though :(
hope you didn't injure your hand too badly.
And 'business casual' can be misleading...over here people wear high-end jeans with a nice top and cropped jacket.

Tammy said...

Very nice, I love the green earrings as well ! The touches of red/gold make them very uinque.

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