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Ring Size FAQ -- Why Doesn't My Ring Fit?

sterling silver handmade wire wrapped pearl ring In the past two years I have sold over 1500 wire wrapped rings online (wow!That's a lot of rings!), and every once a while I would have a customer asking me why the ring I made for them doesn't fit. I must tell you: not only does this bother my customers, and it bothers me too! I make all of my rings on a professional stainless steel jewelry mandrel that is calibrated by a professional technician, and I always make sure the ring is made in the size requested by the customer, but the customer can't wear it!
So why doesn't your ring fit? Let me explain on my blog once and for all --

1. Our fingers change in size
("oh man, please don't tell me this!") I am sorry, but yes, our fingers change in size when there is change in temperature and humidity. Just by holding a hot drink for a while, a ring that is originally too loose can become so tight that I cannot even take it off my finger. If you live in a place with a cold winter and hot summer, you can expect your finger to be at least 1/2 size larger than winter.This also means that a ring that's slightly loose in winter will probably fit perfectly in summer, and vice versa.

2. The width of the band and the weight of the stone matters
If you don't already know, you need a larger size for a wide band and a smaller size for a thin band on the same finger. Most of my pearl wire wrapped rings have a very thin band so I recommend ordering about 1/4 size smaller than what you usually wear for a snug fit. If you like rings with big stones, you may also want a tighter fit so the ring doesn't roll on your finger because of the weight of the stone.

3. Bony fingers are harder to size
If you have large knuckles but the base of your fingers is skinny, then your fingers are the hard to size type (sorry!) like mine. In this case you should have your fingers sized by a professional jeweller to ensure the correct ring size. Do understand in this case you may be happier with plain bands or adjustable rings because chunky rings are more likely to roll on your fingers.

4. Measuring your own finger often gives you a wrong size
I did a google search on free ring sizer , printed and cut out the first 4 ring sizers including Blue Nile's, then pasted all of them on a piece of paper.I marked where size 7 is supposed to be based on the ring sizer I sell in my store, and took the following picture --

As you can see, EVERY printable ring sizer gives a different measurement. I cannot emphasize enough you are more likely to get a wrong size than a correct one using a random printable ring sizer.
Some of my customers try to measure their finger using a sewing tape. I am sorry, but that doesn't work either. You are most definitely going to get a size that is too large with sewing tapes.

Question: "So how do I get my finger sized correctly?"

Ok, so I just spent a long time explaining to you why the ring size is not correct, then how do you know what size you are? I recommend going to a professional jeweler to have your finger sized.This is a free and quick service and is also the most accurate.

If you want to order rings from me but cannot go to a jeweller for any reason, I also sell an in-expensive re-useable ring sizer in my shop.This ring sizer is tested to be accurate for most people (please read instruction and disclaimer in the listing). I will send you this ring sizer for free if you purchase 2 or more rings from my shop (and I ship world wide!). Simply request it at checkout, and I will send it out within 2 business days after the payment of your rings is cleared.

Have fun shopping for rings online!

xo mollie

Mu-Yin Jewelry


wiregems said...

This is the most comprehensive explanation of ring sizing I think I've ever read! I might add one my many years' experience, a person's ring size can fluctuate as much as 2 full sizes in a single day, depending on the weather (like you said), what they've eaten, how much walking around they've done, and even what time of the month it is.

Great post!

mu-yin jewelry said...

thanks wiregems!

Sedie said...

Thank you for this really great breakdown of ring sizes and how to be more accurate. It helps, not only to purchase your rings, but overall when sizing a ring. Great post!

Beadin By The Sea said...

Very informative! I'm just starting to sell rings in my shop and I'm at a loss as to figuring out ring size because everywhere I look all the guides are different! Now I see why I'm so confused.

Erin Bowe said...

Fabulous post - thanks for all the great info!!

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