Friday, January 9, 2009

front page treasury

it seems that I never, ever get a chance to see myself on the Etsy front page when it happens..
Yesterday, I was told by Luv2Have(check out her gorgeous shop!) that I was in a treasury she created.I checked it out, and it was sooo cute that I had to take a screen shot.Can you see my sweet Cherry Red Pearl ring at the bottom left corner in the picture?

I was included in this treasury along with many other sellers I loved .Today, I sold the cherry red pearl ring, and then happened to see the front page of Etsy, and thought it looked very familar(my memery is very bad so I honestly didn't remember why it looked familar)...

Then it suddenly occured to me -- gosh!That's why the ring was sold! I finally, finally got a chance to see the treasury I was featured in on the front page, BUT my ring was quickly sold and the spot quickly replaced so I still didn't get to see myself on the front page!! Arrrrrgh!!!!


My Dear Darling said...

That's awesome! Congrats! :D

bikudesigns said...

Congratulations on the FP.

mu-yin jewelry said...

thank you :) I wish someone could invent some kind of mobile alarm that tells me when I'm on the front page!

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