Sunday, January 18, 2009

Featured Artist -- TheJuneBride

I stumpled upon this Etsy shop thejunebride when the her gorgeous brooch was on the front page. I was amazed to see the beauty and quality of her products, which are very inexpensively priced. When I saw her shop announcement, I was so moved that I felt I had to do a quick post about her shop.This is what the shop announcement reads--

As you know, the economy has fairly decimated the work force here in southeastern Michigan. I feel very fortunate that my life has largely been unaffected, but many friends and family are suffering unemployment and under-employment as a direct result. Charities are in desperate need and donations are down dramatically. I want to help and Etsy has provided the means. To that end, as long as this note is here, 100% of my profits from sales on Etsy will be used as best I can to help alleviate the situation of local families in need. Thanks for your help!Amount raised as of 9 PM 1/17/09: $171.00

What else can I say? Her beautiful works came from her beautiful soul.

You can check out her shop here.


Nancy said...

I've given your blog an award, stop by and grab it when you get a chance.

mu-yin jewelry said...

thank you Nancy :) I'm going to check it out now.

GAGAY said...

whew! happy tuesday! hopping here again! take care!


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