Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Custom Bridal Jewelry

When I first started selling jewelry, I never knew one day I would be doing wedding jewelry for brides. In my country(Taiwan),we rent almost everything for our weddings from wedding gown to jewelry, so I actually had no idea how weddings work in the US.
It didn't seem to be a problem for brides who like handmade jewelry, however.All they need to do is to ask me to do multiple sets of a single design I have, so I started making jewelry for brides.
I used to think brides only buy white jewelry,so I was very surprised to find out I rarely do large bridal jewelry orders.Every once a while a customer would by some white pearl ring or earrings to wear on her wedding, but when a bride needs a larger jewelry order, it's usually for bridesmaids and in different color themes.
I've done a few weddings in red and green, and have just finished a wedding jewelry order that features royal blue pearls--
handmade wedding bridal bridesmaid jewelry set sterling silver ring earrings necklace
By the way, didn't I mention a large order?The customer actually ordered 7 sets.That's a lot of pearls there(the first set was sent separately as a sample set and therefore was not pictured)...

and also lots of boxes(the sticky notes on the boxes remind the bride the sizes of the rings and necklaces inside)..

Always remember to pack business cards and free notecards for the brides :) Bridesmaids will receive discount when they order from me, and the bride earns store credit(free jewelry,yay!) for referral.

I love doing bridal orders.It makes me feel so honored to be included in this joyful,beautiful and once-in-a-lifetime occasion for someone I never met, and I always try to be extra careful and spend as much time as needed to communicate with the brides to make sure the jewelry meets their expectation.I also enjoyed making custom jewelry for the bride. Here's one example, a sweet and simple dangle bracelet I made for a lovely customer Brenda--

wedding bridal freshwater pearl bracelet

It is a little time consuming to do bridsmaid jewelry, but I love them because they are always fun and exciting. Just imagine at least six people wearing my jewelry at the same time--how cool is that!(alright, I know you think I'm wierd..)


Sugar said...

Wow that's really cool... and I don't think your weird, If I were in your place I would have thought the same :)

mommyko said...

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Nancy said...

Absolutely lovely as always!

Bonhomie Jewelry said...

How awesome is that!! Wonderful jewelry......congratulations!

The Frugal Angel-Guided Psychic said...

You do such beautiful work.

A good friend of mine who has a jewelry making business here in the states does A LOT of bridal and bridal-party jewelry.

So nice to pass down handmade jewelry from generation to generation.

I'm sure that this part of your business will continue to grow!

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