Friday, January 16, 2009


Today is the coldest day Charleston has ever been since I moved here (from Indianapolis) in June.It has been crazy warm the whole December(in the 70s most of the time) and I hardly had any chance to wear a coat, so I'm really enjoying the cold(of course I'm staying inside right now so it doesn't affect me).It will not snow though, which disappoints me.
I really,really miss the snow.It reminds me of Indiana and England.I lived in Birmingham,England for three years and the winter was really pretty mild--in the 20s-30s most of the time with a little snow, which was my favorite.Indiana was much colder, and we had severe snow storms every once a while.When the storm was too bad everyone gets trapped inside the house and everything was cancelled.How cool was that!(call me childish, but I probably will never lose that "snow day" excitement) Growing up in a sub-tropical country, the snow was something we only read about in the books or saw on TV, so when I started living in a colder country I just really enjoyed the snow!Yes, even when it came with a huge storm! I love putting on a super thick coat and go out to see the whole world turning white.The cold makes me feel more alert, more creative.My mind just seems to get clearer when it's gold. Hot chocolate always tastes good when it's colder, and you appreciate your friends and family even more when it's cold because you've gotta stick together :) Not to mention, everytime when the sun finally comes back and the snow starts to melt, it always feels like a miracle that you cannot ignore.
I was told it gets colder in January and February in Charleston.I think today is the first time it drops below 30 degrees.I know everyone living in Charleston is going to hate me when I say this, but I really want it to stay cold for a little while so I can see snow again.


My Dear Darling said...

I've only seen snow a few times and it's been at least 10 years. I can't imagine it being below 30! :D But I bet it's beautiful when it snows around there!

lizzie said...

It has been as cold as minus 12 in England during the past couple of weeks. No snow because it was too cold...brrr!

mu-yin jewelry said...

minus 12 ???!!! that's a little too cold for me.(even though, as long as I stay inside, it still doesn't affect me...) But that sucks when it gets too cold and doesn't snow.
One downside about cold is the cost of heating..

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